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Feb 3, 2015
Apr 5, 2011
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Feb 3, 2015
    1. Finney
      Doing well, thanks for asking! I'm working on getting an act together with Maxo and working on the Captain Kangaroo project, so I'm staying pretty busy. How are things with you?
    2. tim
      Where can I find them for sale? I'd like to at least check it out, even if I ultimately decide the cost is too much.
    3. tim
      Can you tell me more about your little open wagon car vehicle, please? It is something you bought? Made? Is it motorized? I'd just LOVE something like that!
    4. Viv
      I always pick up costume pieces whenever I find them at a reasonable price. Some I have bought for myself, then changed looks. I know how expensive starting out can be. I still make / design an occasional costume.
    5. Finney
      She had a pair of plain red (no cuff) that I thought might work. Really want to find a pair of plaid pants, but I couldn't pass on a pair for around $35. Thanks for keeping an eye out for me, costume wise. How do you end up with so many various pieces, by the way?
    6. Finney
      Funny thing about that... I have a rather LARGE head (3X/size 8). It's actually more long than large. i bought a derby (2X) not too long ago and had to buy a stretcher to get it to fit me. So, if you happen to have any 3X in the mix, I'm interested!
    7. Finney
      How much are you planning to ask for the items?
    8. Quanytheclown
      hey ViV I actually need some new clown clothes for a new auguste look something hip and silly if you have any for sale you can email me at quanytheclown@gmail.com
    9. maxo
      hello viv call me
    10. amifunny
      no, what was it about?
    11. maxo
      hello call me did u get the letter i sent u
    12. Zeeppo
      Welcome to the Forum
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