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Jun 26, 2013
Jun 2, 2008
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Sep 9, 1956 (Age: 61)
Chester, SC


New Member, 61, from Chester, SC

Ty-Me was last seen:
Jun 26, 2013
    1. CHOPPER
      Happy birthday...
    2. thegoose628
      Thanks! Still gonna do some tweakin. Hope you and yours are doing well.
    3. thegoose628
      Hey just posted some new face pics. Tell me what ya think. Oh and my costume will be here Monday or Tuesday. Hope you are doing well!
    4. saphireSue
      Well what do ya think of the make over, gonna keep it? What about posting a pic. on the reg. forum and ask for input?
    5. Freckles Leigh
      Freckles Leigh
      hey ty-me i haven't seen you in a while just wondering how things were going
    6. Sw33tiePie
      Oh man!!!... I literally forgotten their clown name :) :)
    7. Clown Pilippo
      Clown Pilippo
      Hi Ty Me,
      Thanks for your interest! I´m from Germany and I think I´m the only german Clown here in this forum ! Doesn´t matter! I want to be a Clown in the Hospital and the my Clown Type is similar to Clown August! But more silent! But I have to create my Clown in the next few years ! I ´m just becoming a Clown!
    8. Sw33tiePie
      Still waiting :) :) .. Merry x'mas and blessed new year...stay healthy always :)
    9. Sw33tiePie
      Self made..? what did i ask? :) ... ohhhh the square circle thing... :) great.. love to have it :) Thx so much
    10. Ty-Me
      Hi Kallie, Not tied up right this minute but yes I do tie ropes also, I have this one skit that I do with ropes that I sit in a chair and have someone tie my hands and the ropes are wrapped around my legs as well and they cover me with a cloth, after they cover me with the cloth I take one hand out (just to make sure my hat is on straight) then put my hand back un der the cloth and have them remove the cloth to show me stilled tied and tell them to put anthor knot in the rope and then recover with cloth then it take a lot of tugging to get free (not really) but then I stand up fold the ropes in the cloth and walk away.
      The square circle is 10 inch by 10 inch by 18 inches tall it only work from the top. Not only do I clown and do balloons I aslo do some magic.
      Thanks for asking!
    11. Kallie
      Hello Ty-Me, sorry hope u knot tied up, do you only tie balloons or ropes too? Any other skills you like? Did you make your square circle so it can work from bottom and top, will be nice with a big one like that. Cheers.
    12. Sw33tiePie
      La La La.. so it was Harmony.. :D where's my present for being right..? :D
    13. Beansie
      Ty-Me, major bummer found out last night that church needs some sound equipment for tomorrow from10-3 for an event and will not be able to attend :(
    14. bizkut
      good afternoon to you aswell!
    15. bizkut
      MOrnin' Ty-Me!
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    Sep 9, 1956 (Age: 61)
    Chester, SC
    YouTube Video:
    Started clowning in church, the kids got to big to kep clownin g and I just kept clowning.

    clowning, balloon twisting, clown magic,Santa, Easterbunny


    They call me Ty-Me, used to call me Ty-Knee but I married Miss-Me so now they Call me Ty-Me.