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Feb 20, 2018 at 7:58 AM
May 6, 2005
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January 23
Lightbulb salesman


Have red nose, will travel, from Chicago

tim was last seen:
Feb 20, 2018 at 7:58 AM
    1. SCOOP
      as i said i am no photographer and have really no artistic talent but i don't think my pic is taht bad for 1st try and i thank you and the others that have givin me advice
    2. SCOOP
      thank you pickles said the same thing about tilting the head but she used scruffy's as an example this is why i asked for advice i am no photograher as far as looking cluttered scruffy told me i should have used the thumb lites in both hands but then how wouldi have held onto the clubs lol really though thanks for the imput willhave to see how i can have everything in sight and have my head tilted in yours it looks like your reaching your body towards the camera and yeah the head is tilted so i guess next time i clown up i'll have to remake my dragon and see what i can do thank you very much
    3. SCOOP
      hey tim if you get the chance check out my new profile pic i think i will use it for buisness cards and such so far everyones liked it the only suggestion i have got is my pose should be a bit angled like scruffy's but not all that important as it is good the way it is i really would like your opinion and any suggestions oh another suggestion i just remembered is maybe hae both hands having the d-lites going
    4. SCOOP
      dont blame you i would have probly tried to groan myself but on the other hand it did have to be said
    5. tim
      Pino, oh Pino, whence shall ye come to my aid?

      (Pino is the clown name of one time Pickles Circus Clown, Diane Wasnak, who notably played the role you mention.)

      Marin Shakespeare Company: Midsummer Night's Dream - 1996 (Photos, page 1)

      Diane Wasnak aka PINO, professional performer, actor, musician, acrobat, stunt work, dog trainer and mime
    6. Tickles and Trouble
      Tickles and Trouble
      You are hilarious Tim.

      I have laughed so much at your change. You better hope Puk is around to return you to normal soon
    7. SCOOP
      tim i think do get the joke a character named bottom from shakspear and you have been chosen to take his name and a picture af an ass another word for bottom i get that i am sorry you are the butt of this whole joke
    8. SCOOP
      well since i have never read a shake the spear book i will take your word for it
    9. Sir Toony Van Dukes
      Sir Toony Van Dukes
      Somehow I knew when I saw a clown with more than 4000 posts and a name I didn't recognize must be tim.
    10. Violet
      I was wondering who "Bottom" was! :)
    11. SCOOP
      lol oh it must be fitzwilly he seems to get like this at conventions if i am wrong it wont be the first time and it wont be the last but i am the type of guy who would rather be right then happy
    12. SCOOP
      when did you change your name i looked at your reply to my juggling club question and wa like who is this bottoms guy and low and behold it is my friend tim
    13. Scooter!
      Could you go check out what I think is my official face? Thanks,
    14. SCOOP
      can't thank you enough for the nose and glue
      and will never forget the mimicking of harpoetta and fitzwilly he was so oblivious he didn't really know what was going on till i explained it to him the next day lol good times tim hoe to meet up with you again sometime
    15. thegoose628
      hey tim! Heard you were looking for the trick hats. Here is a link that might be helpful.

    16. danbaban
    17. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      what in the world was that?!
    18. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      come to clown chat
    19. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      psychadelic man! totally
    20. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      totally wicked sweet
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    January 23
    Lightbulb salesman
    Doorknob collecting


    ~ Laugh at yourself... everybody else does!

    ~ God loves women who date clowns.

    ~ "Comedy is an escape, not from truth but from despair; a narrow escape into faith." (Christopher Fry)

    ~ ".... performing onstage is about sharing something, not about proving something." (Yo Yo Ma)
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