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Tickles and Trouble
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Sep 26, 2012
Mar 4, 2009
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Scotland U.K
Drama tutor & clown

Tickles and Trouble

New Member, from Scotland U.K

Tickles and Trouble was last seen:
Sep 26, 2012
    1. Chester S Snaggletooth
      Chester S Snaggletooth
      Greetings from this side of the Pond. I would like to include a link to your website in mine as one of Chester's friends. Would you mind?
    2. Harpoetta
      Hiya Tickles, I didn't want to post to the thread, knowing that Daft would have some kind of come-back for anything I post - as usual.

      When Dad has kids try to stomp on his feet he takes a step back and then explains to them that it would hurt if they step on his feet. He will then tell the parents, if he sees them, that his clown shoes cost between $250 -$400 per pair, and unless they want to buy him a new pair, they'd best keep their kids off of his shoes.

      Kids need to learn respect. I wonder if clowns in Puerto Rico have to deal with this, the clowns there are treated like national heroes.
    3. Belle
      That would be fabulous!! I'd love to see pictures of the girly dungarees too!
      My primary color would be lavender/purple with accents of bright green, pink, maybe some blue or yellow. Thanks!!
    4. Perry Noia
      Perry Noia
      I haven't decided for sure. I was going to do face painting, but if she's going to be pushing dry powders and stick on gems, that's not what I'm looking for, so I'm not sure. I was also thinking about taking gag writing, but then I couldn't be in the gag that I wanted to be because I'd be in my own original one and I think I'd make such a good assistant in the statue gag... It's a good thing I've still got a while left to choose.
    5. Perry Noia
      Perry Noia
      Hi sweetie! hope you're doing well.... are you going to camp again next summer?
    6. Bob Hagist
      Bob Hagist
      nice meeting you at camp
    7. Violet
      Hi Tickles! It was great to meet you at camp!
    8. Rex Nolen
      Rex Nolen
      Hey Tickles have you got it all back together getting home? You can contact me at rnolen@kc.rr.com hope all is well.
    9. katriniac
      Hi Tickles! This is Katie from Mooseburger Camp. Pricilla would like to meet you online for your PEP Talk since we don't make international calls (besides to Canada). It's about 3:40pm your time right now (9:40am here in Minnesota, USA), so please send her an email at pricilla@mooseburger.com with the best time for you to meet her here on Clown Forum. She doesn't have an account yet, but she's setting one up right now. We want to make sure everyone gets their PEP Talk, no matter how it takes place! :)
    10. Violet
      Thanks for the compliment on my dress! I can't wait to see your new costume! If I could just figure out a hobo costume now!
    11. StuartPid
      Just missed you in the chat room
    12. Jenzo T Clown
      Jenzo T Clown
      Tickles my family is from scottland my great gandpa or as some would say my grandpa's dad lol came to america. My last name Is Napier there is a college over there that the family still runs or did last i heard
    13. Tickles and Trouble
      Tickles and Trouble
      So the kilt is made of tartan,The Scottish national dress. It is a checked pattern and each family name has its own tartan. If you like you can pm me your address and i will post you your own tartan tie or botie
    14. SCOOP
      i am not that versed in my ancestryas i would like so i am sorry to say i don't know what you mean by tartan i know my mom has a scarf made from scotland that has a pattern i am told that symbolises our family and it is in the color my family used for hunting all this is hearsay to me at this pont though
    15. Violet
      Hi Tickles! Your costumes are so cute and I love your fun food!
    16. Pickles
      GREAT NEWS!!!!! I'm pretty sure that the clown heart has more clout than the financial brain. YAY!!!! See you at Moose Camp!!!
    17. Willace-the-Clown
      I like the costumes you make i'm sure they are some happy clowns
    18. Pickles
      I am twisting your financial brain: "Financial Brain, PLEEZE let Tickles go to Moose Camp"!
    19. Pickles
      Tickles, You are a HOOT! I wish you lived in the U.S. (or, better that I lived in Scotland) so we could clown together!!
    20. millicent
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    Scotland U.K
    Drama tutor & clown
    I'm mum to 2 girls and 1 boy. It is all their fault that I became a clown. I love them insanely.

    costume making, walking marathons, laughing


    You gotta love me.......I'm tickly !:oops: