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The Princess of Bozonia
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May 24, 2017 at 3:30 PM
Aug 18, 2002
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September 26
Home Page:
New York City
Herding clowns

The Princess of Bozonia

Administrator, Female, from New York City

Staff Member
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Viewing latest content, May 24, 2017 at 3:30 PM
    1. Jooniper
      Thank you for changing me name, princess. :)
    2. B Hayve
      B Hayve
      Got the buttons today. Hope you had a good Christmas. Thanks B
    3. B Hayve
      B Hayve
      Hello there how are you???
    4. mr. kellygnc
      mr. kellygnc
      princess can i have your email 1 more time?
    5. Whispers
      How do I go about getting a Clown Forum buttton???
    6. Tater Bug
      Tater Bug
      My nose is ground down to a point! I finished my props today!! Problem - I can't find the tags I printed out, and now can't find them on the site, either. Can you help a pointy nosed, computer illiterate clown? Thanks! Tater Bug
    7. Miss Daisy Doodles
      Miss Daisy Doodles
      thanks for changing my name!
    8. Nevada
      8-)8-)First off I want to complement you on what you did with the clown forum site, but I have noticed a couple of things….. Oh the members are wonderful from seasoned to newbie’s, the only thing of concern a couple of members would like me to put some pic up so they can get an idea of what I talking about. And I would love to…. But I think that aspect of giving would be a little to public, since I notice a lot of internet visitors on site and also a ton of internet spiders making notes of pics, articles, and general conversations. The reason of my concerns is I do want some type control over any learning aids I do…. By no mean do I have any problem helping anyone in the group that is my pleasure to do that. But it would be the non members and the spiders on the site getting any and all info that is put out there, there are ways around that, there might be an easy way for that an off-shoot from clown forum. I just concerned only about any pic or DVD that anyone could get of what I do and how I do it, the talking is fine and helping that way could continue but as for helping out making some quality skits, and fine tuning other peoples stuff in that creating stage, and learning stage in an ongoing thread, it just would not be fair for the people who worked on it, or the clown in some small city starting off and getting some good stuff from dieasecting what a seasoned clown is doing and helping them, while you get a spider jotting it down so anybody would have access to work in progress and a finished useable bit for clown or public to twist anyway they want, for not the reason they where put out
    9. Christopher Clown
      Christopher Clown
      Wow... the video you've got on here is mezmorizing...
    10. Chance Marmalade
      Chance Marmalade
      Thanks for a wonderful site Princess. You've made Clown-Forum a huge success and it is great to have an admin like you who looks after her clowns!
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    September 26
    Home Page:
    New York City
    Herding clowns
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