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The Princess of Bozonia
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Jun 23, 2017 at 4:18 AM
Aug 18, 2002
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September 26
Home Page:
New York City
Herding clowns

The Princess of Bozonia

Administrator, Female, from New York City

Staff Member
The Princess of Bozonia was last seen:
Viewing chat page, Jun 23, 2017 at 4:18 AM
    1. Plywood
      Hi Princess! My box should arrive by Friday. I'm sorry that I'm a bit late in shipping it out. I hope it's not too late!
    2. Special K'z
      Special K'z
      O.K. I am on to plan D. I won't tell you the details here. I can get 5 or 6 done not sure if I can get more they are involved. I'm sure no one else has done this and they aren't hard to ship. If you need the details and get your mail box cleaned out I'll send you the info.
    3. cricky
      Happy Birthday, Princess!
    4. Freckles McFinigin
      Freckles McFinigin
      Oh Princess, look upon your humble servants with care and restore our laughing ability before we choke upon our laughs and die.
    5. Mork the Clownmuffin
      Mork the Clownmuffin
      Hi ! I made a contribution by PayPal. Wasn't I supposed to get a star? Thanks
    6. Jeff the Magic Man
      Jeff the Magic Man
      Did you get my article I submitted?
    7. Special K'z
      Special K'z
      Princess I just joined an alley and one of the gals recently joined up here at the forum. I don't remember her name but not sure how or under what name she signed up with. She would be from Sioux City. Anyway I would appreciate any help you can give me in locating her on the forum. She was confused how to navigate on here. I thought I'd send her a personal message. Maybe that would help.
    8. Ronny Ronito
      Ronny Ronito
      How do I use the image I uploaded as my signature, I notice many of the folk on here have a photo rather than the stock gif when they post/answer mail
      Ronny Ronito
    9. Freckles McFinigin
      Freckles McFinigin
      Clear out your mail!!! NOW!!! I want to send you a pm!! I've been trying to for weeks!!!

      Pardon my anger, I am frustrated.
    10. Zeeppo
      I have asked about the unicycling article a couple of times. I was told there is a back log and it could not be posted. If this is true i said I would help. If this is not true tell me. It coupled with the rude behavior of your mods would suggest a continued hatred or people who practice and can read.
    11. LuvLee
      I'm logged in again and am so sorry for all of MY OWN ERRORS & thinking it was the forum. I was wrong and no
      person was hacking into my cookies....just sayin.
      Thank you for trying so hard for me....what a clown.
    12. Special K'z
      Special K'z
      I'm sorry to bother you with this but I am having trouble getting ahold of Bubba Sikes to use the gift certificate from the clown prop swap. I've been to his online shop and there is no place to enter a gift certificate when ordering. I tried sending him an email to the address it said on his site and it won't go through. If you could give me an accurate email address I would appreciate any assistance.
      thank you,
      Sara Kreutz
    13. Just Sage
      Just Sage
      Oh I know, and being in my 40's I did sign up for it, but I still think the whole contest idea is a bit bizarre....perhaps that is part of the reason I signed up for it.
    14. Just Sage
      Just Sage
      "You know health care in America is in a sad state when a TV contest's prize is a free colonoscopy."

      That my dear, is hilarious!!
    15. looneyloni
      Hi! I tried to message you but your inbox was full. :)
      Could I get one of those Clown Forum buttons with "Looney Loni" on it? I would LOVE that!
    16. LuvLee
      Hi again, I'm back sooner than I had planned to be and ready for some fun. It is amazing how attached I am to all these people and their stupid and some very smart posts and stories. I need input and feedback and whatever all of you have to offer.
      Okay, not a great start I am still tired from moving and not done
      getting settled into my new place, but I'll get there.
    17. Harry the Ridiculous
      Harry the Ridiculous
      there was a booboo with something and I coudn't write on the Forum. It seems to be more betterer now. Is it possible to change my sign on name from uncle willie silly to Harry the ridiculous ?
    18. Gladman
      Thanks for the kookies; they were a big hit. Hope all is well. I kinda miss you.
    19. Special K'z
      Special K'z
      Did you get a chance to try out the book? And if you did - Did you find the something extra inside?
      Sara K.
    20. LuvLee
      I will be here in Washington State for at least six months before making the final move to Southern California where I have lived for so many years. This is my hometown and where my folks have lived since 1941.
      I have traveled the coast many, many times and it is as you said, "beautiful".
      I look forward to having fun with all of you again when I am able to return to the forum. Thank you for everything.
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    September 26
    Home Page:
    New York City
    Herding clowns
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