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The Princess of Bozonia
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Apr 24, 2017 at 4:33 PM
Aug 18, 2002
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September 26
Home Page:
New York City
Herding clowns

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The Princess of Bozonia

Administrator, Female, from New York City

Staff Member
The Princess of Bozonia was last seen:
Apr 24, 2017 at 4:33 PM
    1. Sir Toony Van Dukes
      Sir Toony Van Dukes
      There are a few spam posts on the forum that could be deleted....
    2. KageTomari
      could you maybe please if you can unbanned Loopy lots of people really miss him please if you can
    3. picklenoseclown
      Hi all!!
    4. Punkin
      Princess.......Would you call me or can I call you? I tried earlier, but no answer. Thank you!
    5. Donuts
      Ok I'm In for the swap I sent my email through the forum!
    6. Klinki the Clown
      Klinki the Clown
      Hi Princess of Bozonia, thanks a lot for the Link Award and you have a truely great Clown-Forum here. I just love to participate, so far I have just met nice people here and this forum is a great source for clowns - maybe the only one there is. I know you have Clown organizations in the States where I am even thinking of becoming a member but they cannot respond as fast as this Forum.

      I will also in the future actively participate in the forum here. Depending on my shows sometimes more and sometimes less I am sure happy I found this great place to be.
    7. Klinki the Clown
      Klinki the Clown
      Hi - I just asked you for a "Link Award" because I put a link of the Clown-Forum on my Homepage at www.clown-klinki.de (klick on "Links" and it will be the first one listed). Since I could not send you the message through the request I try it now this way.
    8. Punkin
      Happy Birthday Princess!!!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful day!
    9. Loopy
      Happy Birthday to The Princess of Bozonia.
    10. Loopy
      Glad to see you Princess how ya been.
    11. Mongo The Clown
      Mongo The Clown
      Hey! Your mail box is clogged! Get a plunger!
    12. Grandpa Weatherbie
      Grandpa Weatherbie
      Thank you Princess for the pretty red ribbon. Lots of ribbing going on around the Forum. At least it wasn't the "dreaded carrots of shame"
      I love the Forum and everyone associated with it. Thank you for putting up with Grandpa for so many years. Years?! OMG!
      Time for a reality check...
      Grandpa Weathebie
    13. Loopy
      Hi Princess busy day started on the roller coaster costumes for me and STY's skit how ya been
    14. Indecisive
      I tried to send you a PM, but your inbox is full.
    15. Pookie
      Thank you for the kind response to my recent post.

      As far as the use of perceived insults and real epithets, I am using the same tactics the left does. I try to attack ideas, not get personal. But, when people make personal attacks, I respond in kind , trying to not get personal or saying someone is a stupid troglodyte. Unlike some members...

      I use the KKK in the Democrat Party name since that is where the group originated. Just an aside... A prominent member of the Democrat Party, Senator Robert "Sheets" Bird, was a member of, recruited new members for, and lead the local chapter of the Klan. But I digress...

      This is not the best forum to express my thoughts on politics. I have decided to seek out other online forums for the discussion of politics. Well, as long as government "net neutrality" rules will allow me...

      In fairness, I should let you know that with the Presidential Primary and Election coming up, I will be responding to other member's posts.

    16. Loopy
      Hi Princess yes I've been wasting time here waiting until we go back on the third how are ya.
    17. Dynamo
      Thank you very much. I'm still loving you.
    18. KageTomari
      ஐ Happy Birthday *.:。✿*゚’゚
    19. hoopsie
      Happy happy happy birthday! :)
    20. Gladman
      Hello M'lady. I'm making a trip to Connecticut with Catriona to visit my 82 year old mom. I am planning to spend a day in central park with cat. Don't know if a quick visit with you would work, or if it would even be wanted on your part, but I'd love to see you. Give it to me straight. I hope this communication finds you well.
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    September 26
    Home Page:
    New York City
    Herding clowns