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Texas Sprinkles
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Aug 6, 2010
Apr 10, 2010
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Mar 12, 1964 (Age: 53)
A dirt road in Texas
I make rose petal bead keepsakes also

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Texas Sprinkles

New Member, 53, from A dirt road in Texas

Texas Sprinkles was last seen:
Aug 6, 2010
    1. gigglesforgod
      sprinkels hi im giggels for god can we talk
    2. CHOPPER
      Sorry i missed this till now...thank you ofr the comps...
    3. Razilee
      I found him in the handcrafted toy department of Mast General Store, North Carolina (the Jacob's ladder too). I did give him a outfit to match my own clown costume, the audience would know we were partners.
    4. smirky
      We have been to Joey to The World for the last to years in Huston.My wife(Rosebud) and myself enjoy it a lot. We also belong the Fellowship for Christian Magicians.We have a large convention here in Ind. in June only 45 min. from our house. When we come to Texas for the winter we are in Edingburg by Mc Allen.We come down there in the early part of Oct. and stay till the end of May.
      What part of Texas are you from? We do all of our clowning for free at nursing homes and at hosp. and at churches.we do not take the pay jobs from those that need the $$$ to get by.
      Have you been to Moseburger camp or any other clown training camps? We enjoy the Moseburger camp in Minnasota.
    5. Willy Nilly
      Willy Nilly
      I used to do Vacation Bible school with my partner, and we had three -two hour stage shows worked up. We did our own writing as well as all the old favorites. When I show up for walk arounds, I use pocket tricks and just plain patter. With balloons I always visit ask questions and play with names. For parties I have a rollaround case with three drawers and about an hours worth of magic, then make balloons till the party is over. I clown as often as possible, but if you are good and can stack your bookings, you can make some serious money. To me, the best clowning is when you volunteer and can relax. Money demands a higher concentration. I learn more when I am having fun. That usually mean that the people around me are having fun too. Plus you can try new things out. I love clowning with all my heart. Have you heard of Joey to the World?
    6. Willy Nilly
    7. Texas Sprinkles
      Texas Sprinkles
      Hi y'all welcome!
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    Mar 12, 1964 (Age: 53)
    A dirt road in Texas
    I make rose petal bead keepsakes also
    Im a mom to 3 perfect girls & happily married to their daddy live on a ranch



    When it rains it pours, but its fun when its Sprinkles!