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Dec 8, 2016
Jan 2, 2008
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Angola, NY
Management Analyst


New Member, from Angola, NY

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Dec 8, 2016
    1. pies
      hi plz come on chat
    2. pies
      come on chat
    3. Edlily
      i LOVE that green wig!! but i dont think that would look good with my costume:) thx again for letting me borrow the pink one! still deciding what color to go with. :p
    4. Teri-Okie
      Hey Boo....you are very welcome, I am so glad you are enjoying them. I will look for another cool pair for you this year. See ya in July.....
    5. Edlily
      Thanx 4 da glasses last year! Where them a lot! lol
    6. Kasper
      Teri Thanks again for all the help. Mother says we are nuts but she loves it and smiles more today than she has in a week. They are asking me for a full length clown picture. I do not know how to post same KASPER
    7. Christopher Clown
      Christopher Clown
      Teri- I got it from creativeartstore.com I believe thats the website. its actually a double load pan... But if you get one becareful and don't try to do two big loads at once... I actually broke mine trying to do it ... now I can only do a single load as it won't hold both trays at once.
    8. Teri-Okie
      Yee haw....I can't believe tomorrow is July 1st already. Camp is indeed, just around the cornor. I wish I could go to clown camp once a month, it is so much fun and you meet so many new and interesting people. Is this your first time?
    9. Violet
      Almost time for camp! :)
    10. Duckie
      Thanks, everybody got their Caliope except me!!!!!!!
    11. rosepetals
      WOW I been thinking going room to room also, But the nursing home I go to they roll alot of them to the dinning room to see me. But I know there are some who can not make it to the dinning room, so I was thinking of go to visit them in there rooms to. they love the old songs and like to see me dance. and making flowers out of my balloons to, there are a Bless to me.
    12. rosepetals
      Hello thanks for your mail, a friend from church made my outfit, I am from Albuq NM, and been doing this for about 5 years now. I started my visting a lady from church who was in the nursing home. the Lord put it on my heart to dress up as a clown to see her and make her smile. after that I have been going to a few nursing home here.
    13. rosepetals
      thanks for having me as a new friend...
    14. Punkin
      Thank you for the birthday wishes.....ah yes.....another year older and deeper in debt as it says in the song!!! Keep warm.....we're going to have some big time snow tomorrow!!!!
    15. Teri-Okie
      Thanks Pickles. That is my lite auguste, very quick and easy to apply. That is the face I wear for my Ms. Lily Literacy program.
    16. Pickles
      I FINALLY got my New Calliope -- GREAT PICS!! You're famous! I LOVE the one of you in clown. Very cute.
    17. Punkin
      Great Pictures!!!!! You and I are both Hollys.......I'm Holly Berry!!! Have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year!
    18. Bumbles
      Yes, it was interesting, they had a face painter. The next meeting is the first Wed in Oct. I'm not sure what they have planned.
    19. Teri-Okie
      Yes, my office is on the same grounds as the VAMC. I however work at home and only go to the VA once a week. Did you go to the Clown Alley meeting in Sept.? I am thinking of joining in Oct. What is on their schedule this fall? Thanks.
    20. Bumbles
      I also belong to COAI and we both belong to Buffalo Clown Alley,do you work out of the Bailey Facility?
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    Angola, NY
    Management Analyst
    Love to make people smile

    Clowning, piano, karaoke, skiing