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Apr 14, 2016
Dec 30, 2009
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Sunny was last seen:
Apr 14, 2016
    1. Loopy
      Thank you for your friendship Sunny
    2. Loopy
      Nice clown outfit Sunny.
    3. Elsie
      Thank you it belongs to one of the other clowns in my group...he was riding my mini bike so he could pop wheelies during a parade He may have it for sale if you interested
    4. ashes
      Hey, Sunny --

      Yes, it is a "presentation helmet"
      Real leather.

      If you go to Firefighting professionals shop for helmets, flashlights, boots, badges and shields at TheFireStore.com - and to their
      helmet section, in there is a section on presentation
      helmets and the miniature presentation helmets.

      I'm really proud of the helmet - everyone seems to
      really like it!

      Take care,
    5. t. hooks
      t. hooks
      Just looked at some of your pics. The props are awesome! love the ideas! The magicken wand is awesome!
    6. Jodie
      Hey Hey Hey I got my ping pong paddles made.
      I had to find my clickers. They are going to be cool Tue. night when we make our rounds at the hospital with my other clown friends, and go to Micky D's after that.
      Thanks so much with lots of HUGS Jodie
    7. Scooter!
      Thanks for all the kind comments!!!
    8. Rainbow D. Clown
      Rainbow D. Clown
      Hey Sunny! your pics are great! great balloons, make up and props! Sorry if I've missed it somewhere posted before, but at what circus do you clown at? Thanks for sharing!
    9. Jodie
      Got your message.
      It would be fun to play a game of ping pong with you.
      Please leave your friend at home so I will have a chance to win.
      Where did you get your clickers from. I have some but I am not sure they will work on the ping pong pattle.
      Thanks for sharing your idea. Hugs Jodie
    10. saphireSue
      thanks for sharing, I enjoyed looking at your albums.
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