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Feb 3, 2010
Apr 15, 2009
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StitchesTheClown was last seen:
Feb 3, 2010
    1. Jenzo T Clown
      Jenzo T Clown
      Hey Stitches I got a new number 304 972 7759
    2. Jenzo T Clown
      Jenzo T Clown
      Hey Ill call u tomorrow. Im the Owner of clown biz entertainment here in huntington ZI use to be part owner of the Fun factory if u remember it across from the civic center i do around 5 show a week and i would love to help u get ur foot in the door i also do 90% of ther market in our area so i have contacts from wsaz to clear channel . i do all the fairs and racetracks as well so u r more then welcome to work with me i have 3 clowns that work for me already but im always bringing on new acts .
    3. Harpoetta
      I'm glad your account seems to be working now. I mentioned it to Fitz, so he looked at it and changed a couple of settings. If you're at the convention this weekend, see if you can find him and introduce yourself, he's been trying to put people faces and names with the forum members that are there.
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