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Sir Toony Van Dukes
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Feb 16, 2018 at 8:20 PM
Jan 5, 2008
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December 18
Home Page:
South Riding, VA
eLearning, multimedia, and website Developer

Sir Toony Van Dukes

Well-Known Member, Male, from South Riding, VA

Sir Toony Van Dukes was last seen:
Feb 16, 2018 at 8:20 PM
    1. Bookworm
      It's about camp.
    2. Bookworm
      I have good news tooney
    3. katriniac
      Saw the photo of you and Glenn Kohlberger in this month's New Calliope. Keep up the great work! :o)
    4. Crazy Carney
      Crazy Carney
      Merry christmas sir toony!!!!!
    5. Special K'z
      Special K'z
      O.K. my bad. Duh! I just thought that was a black sharpie mark for the mouth. No wonder I didn't know what to do with it. On another note. If you want to be able to insert stuff and get it out easier you can make an L shaped cut in the back and just cover that up with your hand when you using it like a puppet. Thanks for the cute idea. I love puppets. All the better!
    6. Special K'z
      Special K'z
      O.K. thanks for the note. I can get that. Hey, I just thought of an idea. You can use an Exacto knife and put a slit in him where the mouth would be. If you squeeze the ball it will open up and he can eat all sorts of small stuff. I did that with tennis balls to strengthen kids hand muscles. I love puppets. Thanks for the cool idea! He will fit well in a pocket.
    7. Special K'z
      Special K'z
      Thank you, Sir Toony for the multiplying tennis ball. I'm not sure exactly how it multiplies. But it is cute! I will use it for a pocket laugh. Thanks for sharing!
    8. Crazy Carney
      Crazy Carney
      Yeah vary good pic! luv the outdoors myself=0)
    9. Sir Toony Van Dukes
      Sir Toony Van Dukes
      I like the outdoor pictures best. They are more colorful with the green grass and trees than any of the indoor pictures. This was from a picnic I was doing balloons after the line slowed down. One of my alley members took the picture.
    10. CHOPPER
      Great new pic...toony
    11. giggles6
      Thank you sir toony i finally go everything fixed!! Yea!!!
    12. Ichabod
      I am doing much better now. The PICC line is out, but I am still on antibiotics. I feel much better now though, thanks for asking.
    13. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      Come chat with us!!!!!!
    14. andydude
      they let clowns in your mermorial day parade thats odd
    15. SCOOP
      it was nice to get your friendship request but for some reason i thought we had been friends for a while lol talk to you soon
    16. mr. bag-ends
      mr. bag-ends
      no, sorry i wont be attending the next lecture (danny archer)... hope you learn a lot of cool stuff from barry, he's a good teacher...
    17. mr. bag-ends
      mr. bag-ends
      yeah we met at barry's at the last lecture, i was the one who recognized you and asked about your smart car and unicycle.

    18. The Princess of Bozonia
      The Princess of Bozonia
      The Clown Network is looking good! Thanks for linking to Clown Forum so prominently. :)
    19. MissKris
      Took a browse through your website - funny that there was a clown cruise on the Ruby Princess - I occasionally work for Princess as Youth Staff, and I was on the Ruby in November for American Thanksgiving! I was on the same itinerary as you guys - we had to miss Jamaica, though - bad weather :(
    20. danbaban
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    December 18
    Home Page:
    South Riding, VA
    eLearning, multimedia, and website Developer
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    Sir Toony Van Dukes Juggling
    I started clowning in the summer of 2008. Going to Moose Camp was a great beginning to my clowning.

    Sci-Fi, Internet, hiking, volunteering, acting, photography, clowning around


    - Sir Toony :cool:

    Mike B. is Sir Toony Van Dukes.
    Clowning Around in Northern Virginia

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