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Jan 27, 2018
Dec 30, 2003
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Oct 15, 1962 (Age: 55)
Lancaster, SC


True Blue, 55, from Lancaster, SC

saphireSue was last seen:
Jan 27, 2018
    1. Zapper
      Hi are you a moderator?
    2. cricky
      Happy Birthday to you, saphire Sue!
    3. KageTomari
      ஐ Happy Birthday *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    4. Camtheclown
      It was wonderful seeing everyone else too. Leila, Q, and I all had a wonderful time and as soon as we set a date for our wedding I'll be sure to let everyone know. :)
    5. Camtheclown
      Just thought I would say hello there!!! :o)
    6. Just Sage
      Just Sage
      I am uncertain as to how that message was sent to you too, stranger things of happened, take me for example.
    7. Just Sage
      Just Sage
      You are welcome, and I fixed that post so nobody has to click a link to view those videos I posted up today.
    8. KageTomari
      ஐ Happy Birthday *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    9. Camtheclown
      Hi there, I was looking in my phone for the date of the next meeting and I couldn't find it. But I'm pretty sure it's this Friday or next, so I could use your help lol. Please and thank you.
    10. Camtheclown
      Ok cool, I took the pictures I have up with my phone. So I'll definitely have that on me and I'm bringing all my supplies and a mirror. So other than that I'm assuming you'll call me and let me know something as soon as possible.
    11. Camtheclown
      Alright well that sounds good to me, we'll make it work somehow. :)
    12. Camtheclown
      Ahhh it's alrighty I understand, well I finally bought some makeup I've just got to get some baby wipes and some baby shampoo. I messed around with it once, but I lost my contacts so I haven't been able to get in touch with Mrs. Laura about some help with application. So is there anyway I can get some help with that next friday?
    13. Camtheclown
      Thanks Sue, I can't wait. =O)
    14. Camtheclown
      Hey Sue!!!! I had my phone reset and I lost all my contacts in the process. So can you let me know what time the meeting is on the 20th please!!! Thank you!!!
    15. Camtheclown
      I've been downtown multiple times, but I have no idea what street the AT&T building's on. But I'll be sure to show up this Friday to see what you guys have going on. Is there anything I'll need to bring other than myself? Thank you so much for your help!! =O)
    16. Camtheclown
      Hi I found out that you live in South Carolina as well. No I'm not stalking I'm just trying to get started and find local clowns for help. I live outside of Columbia and I'd like to stay in touch with someone local. If you wouldn't mind that'd be great because I'm a young guy with no experience as a clown.
    17. NormaL T. Joey
      NormaL T. Joey
      I am still trying to learn is site, and how to do things
    18. Pepe'
      Thanks for the welcome. I'm still learning how to use features on here. I love your quote. What kind of clowning do you do in SC?
    19. Bookworm
      Posted pics of my lite look
    20. giggles4christ
      HEy how do you get started doing church clowning. that is what I want to do - our church does not have a ministry but I want to start one.
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    Oct 15, 1962 (Age: 55)
    Lancaster, SC


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    Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.