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Rex Nolen
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Jan 14, 2010
Aug 3, 2008
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Rex Nolen

New Member

Rex Nolen was last seen:
Jan 14, 2010
    1. Edlily
      Can u be my friend on here i want to add u to my friends list
    2. Edlily
      HI Uncle Rex, How r u?
    3. thegoose628
      Thanks for a great week Rex! Looking forward to next year!
    4. Edlily
      Hi Uncle Rex, Its Emily
    5. Harpoetta
      Hi Rex. I posted in the Officially Coming to Moose Camp thread that people who want specific items should let us know ASAP. It might be helpful to your packing to look and see what people ask for. Can hardly wait to see you again!
    6. Nevada
      ha rex rember when I got you mixed up with steve kissel at texas convention still sorry about that hope it did not do to you as what it did to me by putting me in 12 step program I am better now sorry about that
    7. The BEAST
      The BEAST
      Hey Rex it's ANIMAL
    8. Bosco
      Hi Rex! I've been told we are located really close to each other in Kansas City... I checked out your website, and sure enough, we are indeed. I you ever need another clown to entertain at a gig, feel free to contact me at anytime. :)
    9. Scruffy
      Welcome to the forum Rex! We're glad to have you on board! Fitzwilly tells me you are the great storyteller. I hope to hear them sometime!
    10. Pickles
      Rex! I'm so happy you figured out how to accept me as your friend! Good job, teach.
    11. Teri-Okie
      Hey Rex.....How are you doing my friend. How's the leg. Are you going back to teaching very shortly. Hope all is well and thanks for your great stories at Moosecamp. Nobody can tell a story quite like you. Your the best....Talk to you soon and keep them laughin....
    12. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      Oh my gosh.... this is going to be addictive! Thanks for tellin' me about it! Now to figure it all out - eeks!! Yes, it's almost 2 in the morning and I'm playing on the clown forum.... what's wrong with this picture :)
    13. Harpoetta
      Hey there Rex!!! Glad to have you on the Forum, finally!!! Hope to see you around here often! Love ya! K. B.
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