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Rainbow D. Clown
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Jul 12, 2011
Apr 28, 2008
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Killeen, TX
Professional clown/entertainer and stay at home Mo

Rainbow D. Clown

New Member, from Killeen, TX

Rainbow D. Clown was last seen:
Jul 12, 2011
    1. KageTomari
      ஐ Happy ღ Valentines Day *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    2. Sunny
      Rainbow, I did the Shrine circus in kansas city 08'. Not being a shriner and having no interest in becoming one I don't think I'm welcome back. It was a great time, it was the most physical thing I have done as a clown but I loved it. I would like to do another circus sometime.
    3. Dandy
      Hello Rainbow nice to hear from you, I was not with them that day too my sorrow, becose I did not get to meet you. I will pass along a hello from you to Six Bits, things are bit slow for us shriner clowns this time of year, hope all is well with you
      Daniel Dandy Walling
    4. birdman
      Rainbow! Hey, it took me awhile to find you. It's Tim Stroud! Call me or email me this weekend please! 254-247-9203 or tim@killeen.com. Glad to have you back in Texas!
    5. Cricket
      Awesome!!! CONGRATULATIONS!
    6. Morning Glory
      Morning Glory
      Hey Rainbow I would really love it if you could share with me how to make the bride and groom balloon sculptures. Thanks a bunch
    7. Kallie
      Hello Rainbow, do you have a rainbowsuit to, or just a raincoat? Don't know yet what entertainment activities you do, balloons is one I guess, then I know what I can tell you.
    8. misspriss
      Wow, you've got some really great stuff in your album. Thanks, Miss Priss
    9. bizkut
      booeey booey
    10. bizkut
      I have a BBQ and a hogroast this weekend! the BBQ is as Bizkut, the Hog roast is a private Buddy thing! not sure what else Im going to do! I have a chance at a date but dont think I will!
    11. Chance Marmalade
      Chance Marmalade
      Wonderful to have your name in lights!
    12. bizkut
      how is your afternoon Rainbow?
    13. bizkut
      so where abouts are you from?
    14. bizkut
      hi Rainbow!
    15. Pickles
      Glad you're back, Rainbow! We missed you -- hope you're feeling well, "Mama"!
    16. Artsy
      Hi Rainbow: LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR COLORFUL COSTUME! You are such a cutie pie! My favorite color is a Rainbow! he he
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    Killeen, TX
    Professional clown/entertainer and stay at home Mo
    Happily married to the man of my dreams. We have 8 kids and 2 grandkids. Lovin clowning!

    I'm an artist-face painter balloon twister, and I could win in a pie bake off against your grandma!


    "Keep having fun, Baby!"-Jeff Bates