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Jun 1, 2009
May 15, 2008
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Jun 1, 2009
    1. Smudge
      I love your green clown shoes! x
    2. Kallie
      Back for two days, just to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    3. Kallie
      Hello Lumpy, I guess you are the clown I can talk some weird things too. Don't think I'm really weird, but then may be all clowns is weird. Think we can talk some ghosthouse effects in the bizarre freakshow group?
    4. Kallie
      Love your video Lumpy. Curious to know what type of paint you use that glow like that, or is it the photo or way u use it?
    5. Duckie
      Sorry, know I'm a little slow, but I'm just figuring out how to view and send responses to these messages!!!!! LOL Thanks for the nice compliment, I love your artwork!!!!!!!
    6. Zelda
      Thank you...............I love the way you use green and purple too.
    7. Klu
    8. Klu
      Lumpy I like your artwork allot, keep up the good work.
    9. bizkut
      Hey lump what colors are you wanting purple green and orange?
    10. bizkut
      I just loves me some cream pie!!!!!
    11. Willace-the-Clown
      Cool Bio & i like the eye some people say that out side my clowning life i have a bit of a morbid Fassanashion with things
    12. Prestige
      Someone said they wanted to see what I would write in a little bio... so here goes:

      [IMG]I am a 25 year old clown enthusiast from the UK, I have been interested in the circus and clowns for as long as I can remember, being drawn even more into it in my early teens thanks to the Whirl-y-gig which was a rave that took place in a giant big top with giant balloons, jugglers, poi, clown ravers etc… My favourite things are living room camping, drawing, entomology, my MANY pets, my fiancé, cartoons, horror movies, balloons, and collecting things… I tend to collect platypus, toilets, socks, eyeballs, clowns, vintage prosthetics and mushrooms...
      Oh and did I mention I love the Joker WAY more than I should... I am his dirty little secret…….
    13. Willace-the-Clown
      Lumpy you really are good nuttin wrong with your art
    14. Prestige
      Well thank you Bizkut, that is very nice of you to say. I don't really feel that my art is anything more than the amatuer doodles of a bored (and possibly somewhat deranged) mind, but thank you all the same. :)
    15. bizkut
      Hey Lump! I simply adored your pics ALL of them! my goodness you are talented! I want my next tattoo to be a lumpy one! I cant send messages or Id sing your praises louder miss!
    16. bizkut
      Lumpy I want to see your art! Please, Im begging ya! and a clown begging isnt a good thing!
    17. Happy Chappy & Daisy
      Happy Chappy & Daisy
      Hey, Lumpy - have you thought about starting a "social group" for - well, I don't know what you'd call them. "Scary Clowns"? I don't think you're scary, but you probably know what I mean. There's a handful of, shall we say "non-traditional clowns," that would probably do well to be able to communicate together your own particular challenges. Just an idea. Love the artwork - have you thought about doing sketches for other clowns? You could probably get commissions.
    18. Prestige
      Thanks Wallace - I have always loved scarabs, been wearing them on various homemade jewellry for years and years... :)
    19. Willace-the-Clown
      I looked at your pics I love that you have a scarab on your necklace I love Scarabs
    20. Willace-the-Clown
      Your a great artest I with i could draw that good
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    :applause: Undead Clown girls taste like stale candy-floss :0-:
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