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Jun 21, 2014
Mar 19, 2008
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Stay-at-home mom


New Member, from Midwest

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Jun 21, 2014
    1. paulcook93
      thanks for the add. i'm looking to learn everything about being a clown
    2. NormaL T. Joey
      NormaL T. Joey
      I have not spamed any one just shared some information with other clowns
    3. Fitzwilly
      Hey Lori,
      Missed your phonecall earlier. Maybe we can catch up tomorrow. I went through two third of the CBA training a few years ago. At this point I would probably need to start over. The cost isn't outrageous, I think about $250 for the training DVDs. I don't know if the overall exam at the end is any extra or not. I don't think it is much if at all but it is usually coupled with a decor convention. I will have to check with Preston about dubbing off the tapes or DVDs that I have and you can have a look see. It is nice to have CBA behind your name but it is more for decor than twisting, and the general public doesn't know, although some might ask. Someday I plan to finish but decor work is a whole different ballgame and while I think it is enjoyable I have also found that in many instances you really need two people working together. We'll talk more and I'll talk to Preston.
    4. Willace-the-Clown
      You know in both your clown personas You look 16 You got some good geans bet you enjoy getting carded my friend (I desided to check out your profile & stuff I lurk around peoples profiles from time to time)
    5. Mojo
      Hi! Just wanted to say thank you. Hope you are well.
    6. maxo
      tryed to leave messg i have to use net flicks my compt is down i had a blood clot in my back iam better now talk to u soon maxo
    7. UncleJim
      I too was unable to see your photos on Facebook, it says the link expired. I'm glad we had a chance to chat at the Fling, tho maybe we can do more next year. I'm still not sure how you survived with those roommates you had.
      this is from Uncle Jim, tho I was not in-clown at the Fling.
    8. LuvLee
      Tell it to the monkey......I'm in hiding!
    9. LuvLee
      How is Rumpie doing? Cute name for a cute kitty? I am doing black face until I find a new picture for my avatar......don't know where that monkey photo came from.
    10. LuvLee
      I like to watch a cat playing with a ball. Do I get to rename her? Or do i need to ask
      the princess first?
    11. LuvLee
      Wood you ever.......that's a lovely thought for LuvLee. maybe just the cat?
    12. LuvLee
      No I'm not, I'm FREE......WEEEEEEE
    13. LuvLee
      I knew if anyone would, Plywood. Ha ha.
    14. LuvLee
      You were right, I stood on my head and the wrinkles ARE where they are supposed to be......getting older is not so bad after all.
      Thanks Plywood.
    15. LuvLee
      Plywood, you are cute as a bug and lots of fun on the forum. I'm glad you're here for me to enjoy your humor.
    16. Finney
      No problem! Also, were you just possessed by Jeff Foxworthy?
    17. looneyloni
      It wont let me send you a message through the 'private messages' for some reason so I sent the message through your 'contact me' on your face painting website.
    18. looneyloni
      lol, you're silly-- you don't have a wide side!
    19. looneyloni
      OK, I found my memory card and have the pictures of you face painting at the New Year's party on my facebook page--> www.facebook.com/looneyloni

      Also, I swore I messaged you but I don't see it in my outbox. I like those toddler chicken slippers you have. Would you do a trade for some other clown prop? If not, no big deal. Just thought that might be a fun idea. Do you guys trade things at any other time other than Christmas on here? I love trades; then you only pay shipping and get something fun in the end! :)

    20. Dynamo
      Sure, no problem. Use can copy and use whatever ones you chose.

      Happy New Year!
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    Stay-at-home mom
    Balloon sculpture, face painting, baking, reading, sipping tea


    Lori B.


    Laugh a lot, and when you're older, all your wrinkles will be in the right places.