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Feb 2, 2017
Apr 2, 2008
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April 20
Home Page:
The Badger state.
Mom and Clown


Czarina / Administrator, from The Badger state.

Pickles was last seen:
Feb 2, 2017
    1. Christopher Clown
      Christopher Clown
      Pickles! I love the new Avatar... but its so tiny... when do we get to see more? Was this from the new photo shoot?
    2. Scruffy
      you know. Some how, I knew you would be here....
    3. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      I think you should read my first thread!!!! its just on the forum! hope to see your reply! Love ya!
    4. Bookworm
      What do you think of my new face?
    5. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      Hey its cherry! I miss you so much!!! Im so glad you're coming back to moosecamp!! i asked the people at work. So whats shakin bacon? I just wanted to know by asking in some kooky way cuz thats the way i am!! TTFN
    6. Kallie
      Back for two days, just to say Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!
    7. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      Thank you thank you Pickles for the wonderful Birthday wishes!!! I love birthdays!:birthday:
      Thanks for thinking of me today :)
      I'm going to upload my new picture today and hope it works good.... I love this one and I've finally mastered my "face"....
      Happy Holidays! Oh, can you email me your mailing address please?
      Thanks bunches, Zoe
    8. bizkut
      hello Pickles hope you are well!
    9. Kallie
      Hey Pickles ,did you get the routine with the coins I send you? Greetings Kallie
    10. Whispers
      Hey Pickles...
      I love you "look". I am in the badger state too --- northcentral area. Have you been clowning long?? Being a clown has been in my 'bucket list' for years and it's finally become a reality. Any advice for a newer clown??
    11. Kallie
      Hi Pickles, you seemed to be one of the more active magic clowns around the forum, so I like to keep good contact, because I also started out as I magician and illusionist years ago, but my presentations and love took me to clowning. Did you ever read the books by David Ginn?
    12. Willace-the-Clown
      My Grandmother's Saying about Climbing trees
      " If you fall out ofthat tree & Brake your legs Dont come running to me"
    13. Willace-the-Clown
      Here is the saying you wanted that my mom sez.

      "They think they are hot Snot on a Silver Plater but they are just a cold Booger on a paper Plate"
    14. Belle E. Button
      Belle E. Button
      Hi Pickles,
      Where do you live in the Badger state? I am in Kimberly (right next to Appleton). What is your favorite kind of clowning??
    15. Smacky
      Thanks :)

      Just been very busy.
    16. the_magic_man
      Im missing you over on the pun off thread... me and smiley had a great time last night... come on... I miss you tons lets have some puns!
    17. BlossomTheClown
      Hi Pickles. I just had to let you know about a giant pickle I saw on Welcome to GreatBigStuff.com. If You Think Big Stuff Is Fun, You've Come To The Right Place!. I saw it and thought of you. Thought I'd let you know in case you hadn't seen it.
    18. Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)
      Barry Daft (Mr. B. Daft)
      Oh Pickles be carefull about falling in love, I stepped in some once and it took ages to get it off my shoes.
    19. the_magic_man
      Hey hey hey Pickles!
      Thanks! I love it here! These puns are so addictive!
    20. Artsy
      I wished that we lived next door to each other in ANY state! Oh wait--we would NEVER get ANY housework done then, right? Oh, who cares? We would have so much fun clowning gigs together that we could afford a housekeeper! Whoo-Hoo!

      By the way, I do want to say thank you for posting your marketing article. It was this article that I found on a google search that led me to this forum. I was impressed with the professional advice you shared as well as the well-written style you wrote it in. I didn't make the name connection that it was YOU who wrote it until I came across the article again recently.
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    April 20
    Home Page:
    The Badger state.
    Mom and Clown
    I've been clowning since 2001 in Indiana, Kentucky, Minnesota, and, currently, Wisconsin.

    Comedy magic, balloons and general silliness


    The most wasted of all days is one without laughter. -- e.e. cummings

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