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mr. bag-ends
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Aug 10, 2011
Feb 4, 2009
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washigton dc

mr. bag-ends

New Member, from washigton dc

mr. bag-ends was last seen:
Aug 10, 2011
    1. HeySeed
      Make up looks good to me!!!
      Like the look!!
    2. Fiesta
      "jes' stoppin' by and saying Hola la la la la....
    3. Charly
      Lots of nice parade picture with you and your friends. I am sure you have had a great time.
    4. stephster-noodle
      im trying. really hard, i'm going to fsu bc they have a circus program to learn stuff and get experience. lol. i will run away with it soon hopefully.
    5. Fiesta
      and 'jou' are welcome and 'jes' that cute baby is still cute and weightin' in about 75 lbs of cute , oi'. Speaking of 'cute' 'jou ' nose and mouth fit 'jes' right for 'jou' I love the endless varjiety of clowns, wonnnnnerful bunch we are! :)
    6. Fiesta
      You were kind to comment on my post thanks 'jou' so much
    7. Fannybelle
      why thank y'all so much! tho mosta mah brains is in mah toes!
    8. Fannybelle
      Hiya! Pleased to make your acquaintance!
    9. Sir Toony Van Dukes
      Sir Toony Van Dukes
      I do remember someone asking about my smart car and unicycle in back.... But, I remember conversations more than names and faces. " Are you going to Barry's next lecture? I signed up to go (sorry, don't remember who it is.) I will likely also take his adults magic class on Friday nights. I don't look forward to going over the American Legion bridge several Friday's in a row, but I can use a little magic practice.
    10. Sir Toony Van Dukes
      Sir Toony Van Dukes
      I didn't realize you were in the DC area, I noticed your pictures from the DC St. Patrick's Day Parade. I am in Northern Virginia, but have gone to a few of the Kapitol Klown meetings.
    11. Christopher Clown
      Christopher Clown
      Yeah that is a safe in that picture... That picture was taken in my brothers garage during my niece's 2nd Birthday party...So yeah my brother is to blame for that... but I still love him anyway.
    12. mr. bag-ends
      mr. bag-ends
      thanks! im glad you like it. thats my first attempt as a hobo at clown class '08, ive been a clown my whole life. but have only been doin it professionally for 16 years. i was a whiteface when i first started then moved on to auguste. there are no hobo's in the philippines so when i moved to the US 2 years ago, i thought id give it a shot. you know whats weird though? every time i make the mouth drooping down it gives me a heavy feeling of sadness and misery. so nowadays i just make the mouth straight. you should try it sometime.
    13. Scooter!
      Hey Man, I love the way your face looks! How long have you been clowning.
    14. Fitzwilly
      Welcome to the Forum. Care to join us in chat? How long have you been clowning friend?
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    washigton dc
    magic, playing the ukulele