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Morning Glory
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May 1, 2013
Jun 28, 2008
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September 5
Abingdon, Virginia
Mental health

Morning Glory

New Member, from Abingdon, Virginia

Morning Glory was last seen:
May 1, 2013
    1. wiggles
      thanks for the compliment. i have a great time with the kids. let me know when you would like to get together. see you soon
    2. Morning Glory
      Morning Glory
      Can someone tell me how to start a new thread- I can't seem to find the icon to click on THANKS
    3. V
      One hour birthday party. They were interested in full clown, but I sold a balloon package instead. It's between Wytheville and Rural Retreat ~6 p.m.
    4. V
      Want a paying gig in Wytheville on February 20?
    5. Special K'z
      Special K'z
      Thank you Morning Glory,
      I absolutely love the marshmallow shooter! Guess I'm more windy than Chris. I got mine to work first time. I will definitely use this a lot. I'm an ornery clown! Thanks again. Love the colored tape cute idea!
    6. Christopher Clown
      Christopher Clown
      Good Morning Morning Glory!
      I got one of your shooters in my prop box! Where do you load the ammo? If I put it in the mouth piece I generally wind up swallowing it when I inhale... If I put it in the other end I usually fling it out before I have time to fire!
    7. wiggles
      hi morning glory!!
      my name is wiggles. i have been searching high and low for a local mentor for my clowning. i am VERY new at clowing and have a tons of questions. please help!! by the way i live in bristol tn. and i see you are from abingdon va.
    8. BB the Clown
      BB the Clown
      Just realized I missed your b'day. Happy belated.
      <:O) BB
    9. BB the Clown
      BB the Clown
      Hey Girl,

      I went to Clownfest in NJ on Friday just to shop the 16 vendors. BIG MISTAKE! Spent way too much $$. Bought a costume from Pricilla. It's more "girlie" than any of BB's other clothes. A pink & white shirt with a pink, yellow, blue jumper with pink dotted pockets and bow over capris with a little pleated edge at the bottom. Bought stickers, props and another nose tip. Of course when I got home, I realized that BB was going to need shoes for the new outfit and went to the mall and found the cutest pair of pink cloth shoes with an elastic strap across the top. Not sure what I want to do about BB's head; for now I'm using a pink/white ostrich clip I bought from Paula Biggio's room. The worst part of shopping for BB is that Debb doesn't have a winter coat. Priorities, right?!
    10. Violet
      Happy Birthday, Morning Glory! I hope you have a wonderful day!
    11. Foolina
      I think the PEP starts at the end of May.I'm just getting so excited this will be my second time and I know what to expect so it's fun not nerves.
    12. Spryte!
      Good evening.
    13. Spryte!
      Hi. Chat?
    14. Danny Light (Mr. D. Light)
      Danny Light (Mr. D. Light)
      Hiya Morning Glory, I do hope you are well. You have me quite curious as to what kind of picture album you would create. Why not post up a few pictures your self?
    15. Zelda
      The dress is Simplicity 3685. It looks like a Ring Master costume. I lengthened the skirt and the yolk. I did not want to look like a floosy clown. The jacket is from the same pattern.
    16. Zelda
      Hey send me you regular email and I'll send you the directions for the collar. It is from a Ringling Brothers pattern. Also here is a link for another pattern.
      Free Directions to Sew Clown Collar and Cuffs to Sew An Easy Clown Halloween Costume
    17. Rainbow D. Clown
      Rainbow D. Clown
      Hi Morning Glory. I haven't been on here in sucha long time for variousl reasons. But would love to share with you my bride and groom sculpture recipe if you still need it. Hope to talk soon.
    18. Christopher Clown
      Christopher Clown
      Morning Glory,

      I recieved one of your wonderful props and cards in the swap. I have been wanting one for a long time! Thank you so much! I love the peepers too! Merry Christmas
    19. Kallie
      Hi Morning Glory, dont think I said thanks yet for welcoming me, so thanks. I can only find your nose and your hair on your picture, do u have one with sparkling raindrop clowneyes too ? Check my threads out and write something back, like the smell of flowers inbetween. Have a glorious morning!
    20. Artsy
      Hi Morning Glory! That is my absolute FAVORITE FLOWER! I guess that means you are my favorite clown! : )
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    September 5
    Abingdon, Virginia
    Mental health


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