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Legs the Clown
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Feb 28, 2014
Sep 16, 2011
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February 3
Broseley, Shropshire, England.

Legs the Clown

New Member, from Broseley, Shropshire, England.

Legs the Clown was last seen:
Feb 28, 2014
    1. Charly
      Legs. Have you any new photos to deal with us ? You told that you have a pantomime show every year !
    2. NightJesterJ
      Happy Birthday!
    3. Tale Lite
      Tale Lite
      Hi here ... I just found us two cute skits. I printed them off. Check them out tomorrow!
    4. katieklown05@yahoo.com
      Hi Leggs...Glad to meet you. I'm an Auguste clown. My mission is sharing GOD'S love through laughter.
    5. Ronny Ronito
      Ronny Ronito
      only just saw the remark about Sellafield.....I retired past my use by date from Heysham (was British Energy, now EDF)
    6. Ronny Ronito
      Ronny Ronito
      nice crisp colors and sharp definition. The mouth reminds me of Ronald McDonalds.
      I see you are also based in the UK, and like me you are retired from real work :-)
      We should try and get the UK clown to Blackpool for a weekend's workshop
    7. Legs the Clown
      Legs the Clown
      Many Thanks Kage T , spent the evening playing Panto as Dame Dolly Dumpling Cheers.
    8. KageTomari
      ஐ Happy Birthday *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    9. foamy
      Thanks, Legs! As it turns out, I went ahead and ordered two pairs of Spear Shoes: one for myself and one for my wife. We both got red, Lollipop shoes: mine are going to be full-length (17inches), hers will be petite (16 inches). So, we're both pretty excited about receiving our shoes sometime soon! Thanks!
    10. Snakes the Clown
      Snakes the Clown
      hope you had a good holiday!
    11. KageTomari
      ஐ Merry Christmas *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    12. Daddlestheclown
      Hey Legs! Thats for the friend invite! Ive never met anybody with the same birthday as me! Small world!
    13. Legs the Clown
      Legs the Clown
      Many thanks for your in detail remarks regarding makeup,i love the color against black, but realy bugged by what style & color of wig,eyes i can easily rework and i will stick to traditional whiteface. I will at some stage start a thread on pantomime, the cat is a traditional pantomime character that i have played, now learning script for forthcoming panto,cheers.
    14. tim
      On another element, I think it is awesome that you are also doing panto. I'd definitely appreciate it if you would start a thread to educate us more about that art, as I suspect that most are not familiar with it.

      And what, exactly, are you doing with the cat character?
    15. tim
      Hmmm.... well since we are all critiquing your look, it seems..... I especially how it plays color against black. Makes things pop. However, lose the rainbow wig. I'm thinking that you could get something wild, outrageous, and colorful, which would really be something of note. And instead of drawn on eye lashes, think about glued on. I like that you are using a form of more traditional whiteface, which isn't seen a lot anymore these days. Check out pictures of some classic whitefaces and see how what you're doing fits in or maybe can add an element to what you're doing. I don't necessarily have the problem with big mouth or red upper lip that others have noted, as I think it actually fits in well with traditional grotesque/comic whiteface. And, as much as some might think it is now out of vogue, I'd like to see it come back and be done well.
    16. Special K'z
      Special K'z
      i tend to agree with Snoetje. The black on your eyes is just too much. Also upper lip is usually white but it isn't bad just too much black on your eyes and on the corners of your mouth. Have you checked out Knute's videos on you tube. They are auguste clown but good points.
    17. Snakes the Clown
      Snakes the Clown
      thanks for the compliment legs. yeah i don't get a chance to use this site too much, but when it's always fun to see how everyone looks. i'm liking your costume btw :D
    18. Legs the Clown
      Legs the Clown
      Thanks for the advice snoetje, what do you sugest , Legs,
    19. Snoetje
      Hi Legs, just an advice: Change your face if you want to entertain children without them getting scared of you. I don't want to offend you or something, just trying to help. :)
      You can get a lot of advice here to design a friendly clown face.
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    February 3
    Broseley, Shropshire, England.
    YouTube Video:
    Just getting into clowning, always been entertaining, having played pantomime dame for 30 odd years

    Cycling & Walking. Playing Pantomime Dame & Cat & Clowning.


    Legs The Clown. :)