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Jun 21, 2015
Jan 19, 2009
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New Member, from Eaton,IN

Jodie was last seen:
Jun 21, 2015
    1. Jodie
      Thanks Pinky We are looking forward to being there.
    2. Pinky the Clown
      Pinky the Clown
      I just needed to let you know that I was so excited that work approved Sat off so I get to stay for the whole fling this year....Off to Grandma's house I go!
    3. Jodie
      We will be coming in sometime Thur. Save a hug for me. Hugs Jodie
    4. Pickles
      Looking forward to seeing you at the Fling, Jodie! Will you be there the entire conference?
    5. Jodie
      Pickles you are so sweet. Thanks for the note. Hugs Jodie
    6. Pickles
      Jodie, I was just told that today is "Thank Your Mentor Day." I would not be a clown today if it were not for your guidance and inspiration 12 years ago. Thanks so much for being such a good clown and a great clown friend. XOXOX
    7. Jodie
      J P
      I had a great time at the fling and meet a lot of new friends.
      I wasn't worried about the money, I knew it would come to you.
      Thanks so much Hugs Jodie

      Jodie - Jo Bailey
      P O BOX 532
      Eaton, IN. 47338-0532
    8. Finney
      Hiya Jodie!
      It was so good to meet you this weekend. Sooo... I just remembered that i never paid you for the plate. I'm so sorry! Please give me your address (and non-clown name!) and I'll send out a check. Thanks!
    9. Pinky the Clown
      Pinky the Clown
      Hi Jodie, Thanks for being my "grandma" at the Fling and taking good care of me. It was so much fun hanging out with you.
    10. Finney
      Thanks so much, Jodie! I can just grab it at the Fling if that's ok with you. I can't wait to see it!
    11. Pinky the Clown
      Pinky the Clown
      Hey, just wanted to let you know that I have been giving out those "blow dryers" and got a whole lot of laughs....Just wanted to let you know that at my event last Saturday, the kids decided to try them out on each and me....kinda funny they would take the prank literally:0)
    12. Pickles
      I'm still sad that I didn't get to say goodbye to you yesterday and that I didn't get a photo of the two of us! We will both have to plan to attend Spring Fling in '12. You will have to bring your clown too!!! Was GREAT seeing you, Jodie!!!
    13. Scruffy
      I am glad that you had fun. It was nice to meet you and yes. i do plan to be there!
    14. SCOOP
      it was great meeting you too hopefully yeah we will see each other soon wish we could have spent a bit more time together it seems you brought in quite a crowd
    15. Pinky the Clown
      Pinky the Clown
      It was so nice to meet you at the Spring Fling.
    16. Jodie
      Thanks for asking but I have a room mate. Hugs Jodie
    17. HeySeed
      Do U have a room?
      I think Pickles is rooming with me.
      U want to room with us?
    18. Jodie
      Hey Seed I did find a ride. Can hardly wait to get to the Fling.
    19. HeySeed
      Did U find a ride?
    20. Pinkie Bee
      Pinkie Bee
      thanks Jodie for your message. I live in Jacksonville, Fl have wanted to clown for years as I work in a costume shop owned by one of the greatest clowns, Jack Anderson aka Freckles. I started this year and love it! wish I started sooner. Love your outfit! I waitressed and cooked years ago and was happy (and a bit jealous) over your look
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