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Nov 20, 2013
Aug 16, 2011
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February 9
Home base...Ocala,Fl. or somewhere behind the big
Being funny on demand
    1. Ringmaster
      Hi JimBo, I noticed in Dec. 2011 you made an offer to NormaL T. Joey" for a set of building plans for a Circus Ring Curb. I am hoping you still have the plans available. If you do, how might I get a copy of them? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!
    2. Twistedtoybox
      haha thanks for accepting my request! ^_^
    3. Legs the Clown
      Legs the Clown
      HI JimBo Hope your offce job goes down atreat, dont flush the clown down the loo,would love to join your circus for abit of slapstick & tumble.
    4. NormaL T. Joey
    5. KageTomari
      ஐ Happy Birthday *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    6. Poopsie
      You should jump out of your own cake and surprise the pants off everyone else.
    7. Daddlestheclown
      Happy birthday ^_^
    8. LuvLee
      I love how colorful you are!!
    9. KageTomari
      Merry Chritmas
    10. Jojojonelle22
      Hey yes all is well I've been battling the reset password thing on here for weeks now!! Haha anywho because I had work I wasn't able to go but I had a lot of friends who went and they have lots of photos from it. I'll have to try and get them on my phone and upload them here ;) but sadly I wasn't able to attend. I am hoping on meeting up with Knute in march or something for a convention down his way. I can't wait it will be my first one, unless I luckily run across something along the way before that. Well have a great day and keep smiling ;o)
    11. NormaL T. Joey
    12. NormaL T. Joey
      NormaL T. Joey
      Rodney " NormaL T. Joey" Burnap
      C/O " FooL's Wisdom Clown Circus"
      501 Campbell Street
      Prescott, Arizona 86301 U. S. A.
    13. NormaL T. Joey
      NormaL T. Joey
      Thank you...n_t_joey@hotmail.com Ring Curb, I need the smaller ring for a small show called "FooL's Wisdom Clown" Circus. This show is patterned after the Pickel Family Circus
    14. LuvLee
      Keep'em coming cause yer gettin gooder, (or badder).
    15. chrishanley
      A woman named Daisy Ray on this forum reccomended i talk to you. I am a student filmmaker doing a degree and my latest project is a film about a circus clown who misses his life in the circus...i was wondering if you could give me any insight into if circus clowns retire or how they would go about leaving the circus. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.

      yours sincerely
      Chris Hanley
    16. JimBo
      My great-great grand father joined THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH in 1876 and PT Barnum was still alive. My great grandparents met on the ship taking GSOE to Europe in the late 1890's. My grand parents worked for several shows and owned their own HORSE DRAWN circus prior to WWI My parents owned a circus from 1942-1964. The circus I worked for now is owned by Uncle

      I started in 1972and never missed a year.I have never had another job.I have toured with Hoxie Bros .Circus USA, Allen Bros.,Toby Tyler,Adams Bros, Anderson &Clark,Russel Bros..Sterling & Reid and others.

      I have never had to busk/buck as I have always saved money during the summer so I wouldn't be broke when not working. But I do know several that do. Some do it by choice but many HAVE to do it because they can't get a job...performing or otherwise.
      I see where you are retiring from clowning and going to take your church on the road. I respect admire you and I wish you great success on your mission.
    17. NormaL T. Joey
      NormaL T. Joey
      By the way what is your history with Circus Clowning and Busking any ways?
    18. KageTomari
      ஐ its really really cool that your in a circus *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    19. tim
      tim is my ugly cousin - the Cubs fan!
    20. JimBo
      The Original FUN TIME CIRCUS currently playing fairs in N.E.....Start our indoor tour early Nov. until mid Dec. Then reopens 2nd week of Jan.... We worked 47 weeks last year. Two shows a day ,3 or 4 on weekends. So the storm was a blessing in some ways. Had a whole week OFF !

      If you want visit their web site at http://www.wix.com/bigtopmagic/big-top-magic

      Take care
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    February 9
    Home base...Ocala,Fl. or somewhere behind the big
    Being funny on demand
    4th generation in circus. currently with FUN TIME CIRCUS on tour.

    magic, circus, travel, dogs,juggling, sideshow stuff, meeting other clowns



    I can't dance... I can't sing....
    I can't do a lot of things........
    So I won't cry.....

    Keep Smiling my funny friends !