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May 3, 2013
Jan 22, 2008
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St. Paul, MN
sales clerk, stage manager, pack mule, gopher, gui


New Member, from St. Paul, MN

Harpoetta was last seen:
May 3, 2013
    1. Scruffy
      No Idea. I'll let princess know.
    2. Pinky the Clown
      Pinky the Clown
      Hey, thanks for helping me with juggling and letting me try out your rings and clubs. I will always remember just having fun juggling and Pat Kelly pulls up a chair to watch and encourage us. Sorry I forgot about the juggling scarves for sale!
    3. KageTomari
      ஐ Merry Christmas *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    4. Fitzwilly
      Hey Babe!

      I came back to the room and put on some music for a minute and saw you were on.
    5. Pinky the Clown
      Pinky the Clown
      and a good job keeping up with the list of attendees.
    6. Pinky the Clown
      Pinky the Clown
      I just wanted to say that you are doing a good job with the administration of the Spring Fling keeping up with what people want to learn and buy. Keep up the good work.
    7. LuvLee
      Thank you, but no my Dad didn't pass, I had to place him in a
      home for those who need memory care for dementia/alzheimer's.
      I am clearing out his house and fixing it up to sell.
      My Mother is also there, as she is the one with alzheimer's, I do miss them,,,,,but still find things to laugh about and recall all the good years with them. Dad is 97 and Mom 93.
    8. LuvLee
      Hi Harpoetta, I just noticed your baby on your back and thought I would tell you what just happened to me. I was clearing out my father's underwear drawer, (don't ask) and was startled by a stuffed baby alligator he had hidden in there.
      Wow!!! I found out I am still able to jump up three feet without
      even bending my knees.
      I had a good laugh over it and if dad was here he would have also.
    9. Cool Aid
      Cool Aid
      Hello there. I'm a newer clown that came alive in 2010. I met your dad at the Midwest Clown convention. He told me today, that there is a spring fling in Southbend, In. Do you know when that will be next year?

      Hope to chat with you some day.

      thanks for your time!

      Cool Aid
    10. gigglesforgod
      hi can we go on clon chat plez
    11. Tickles and Trouble
      Tickles and Trouble
      Hi Harpoetta, sorry just replying. been a bit of a scatterbrain and forgot how to view visitor msg. Thank you, That is very helpful. I hadn't thought on chatting to parent. Looking forward to seeing you and your Dad at camp.
    12. HeySeed
      Thank UVM.
      C U soon!
      Bump A Nose!
      "HeySeed" B.Y.C.C.M. "Dolli"
    13. HeySeed
      Thank You for the updated combo info!
      I plan on coming to The Srping Fling.
      If I can figure out how to post to Fourm, I'd like to share a room with someone.
      Gloria "HeySeed" B.Y.C.C.M "Dolli" Sterrett
    14. tim
      Gelatine and I were lost in Madison at Madfest and headed towards the Twin Cities. But we didn't want to travail there. So it was suggested that we call to forewarn you of our impending arrival - or, perhaps, in hopes that you might help avert our voyage such that we'd actually return to the right route of our asylum.
    15. StuartPid
      I'm good how are you? I miss you guys I need to find a time to make a road trip up there and visit.
    16. SCOOP
      well my camera has it's own hard drive so i can download it to my computer right after i record it well after i get home to transfer it onto the computer i don't have a laptop lol
    17. SCOOP
      thank you very much i think i am making progress too but i can't allow myself to think that otherwise i might get complacent lol well i love the award from the coai of course how you you not. i am looking foreword to this Thursday where i should be receiving the first of may award from my clown troupe after some heated arguments me and ann are really looking forward to seeing you all at the spring fling oh btw i would kill for a small vid of your dads linking rings routine if you don't have one i would be more then happy to film anything he wants for himself at the fling lol but of course i would keep a copy for myself lol it was really great to hear from you hope to see you soon maybe catch you on facebook of the forum chat room talk to you later scoop
    18. Bonehead
      Hey Katie- good to see you. I sure enjoyed clown camp
    19. Fitzwilly
      I'm in chat but now I realize you were in yesterday
    20. StuartPid
      chat chat chat :P
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    St. Paul, MN
    sales clerk, stage manager, pack mule, gopher, gui
    love magicians, clowns, other people in that area; love animals-have dog, iguana, snake, 3 beardies

    reading, watching old movies, L & H, Keaton,Cary Grant....


    Read, Learn & Laugh!