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May 9, 2012
May 9, 2008
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New Member, from Michigan

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May 9, 2012
    1. tim
      The current picture is a cropped face from some ad which is out there for clowning sort of products on a website. Someone called my attention to it by noting that the model looks a lot like me. Indeed, it does. The Princess mentioned something notable in how it appears the the model, itself, might well be a Photoshop job. Which, if true, would suggest it quite likely that the editor indeed did lift my own photo from somewhere, without proper credit or compensation. So, part for fun, part to claim it back, I currently show what's there now. Indeed, it may well be me! Of course, if they want to complain and name their model, along with providing credible witness to his appearing to be what they depict, I might be content to remove it.
    2. tim
      I change it out from time to time. Often, it is some sort of photo of me. Sometimes (like in November) it became something else (an icon of St. Timothy placed there by one of the mods as a joke based upon some Halloween - All Saints Day joke or whatever which came up on a thread.) But it gets boring having the same thing there all the time for several years. For consistency sake (and because my name occasionally changes - or gets changed by the mods periodically, also) I leave the same photo on my profile all the time, though.
    3. I'm Ellie
      I'm Ellie
      Hi Sparkles... I haven't been on clown forum for a while, so I just got your message. I had, what I thought, was a totally outdoor event 3 years ago December up in Calgary, so I needed to dress very warm. Turns out we were indoors most of the time and even though I shed alot of what I had on, I was still too warm. LOL As for the hat, the company that makes them is Brainchild Designs- Warm Hats for Cool Kids . I picked mine up at the Art Market craft sale at the Telus convention centre in Calgary. (It's the weekend of Nov 18 - 21 this year.
      In the photo I have the hat on...it's tied at the top, then I have on a headband with reindeer ears and antlers. That could be why it looks like a turkey! LOL
      I pulled it down over my eyes for the photo, but wear it pushed up like a normal toque. I hope that helps.
    4. Walmoe1
      You're kinda cute---for a clown
    5. pies
      come and chat plz
    6. gigglesforgod
      hi good looking
    7. Fannybelle
      Tee hee yer silly
    8. CHOPPER
      Hi sparkles.. Love your photo.. Welcome to the forum....
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