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Feb 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM
Dec 19, 2004
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Sep 10, 1970 (Age: 47)
Home Page:
North Central Indiana
Radio DJ / Semi Pro Entertainer


COAI Secretary, 47, from North Central Indiana

Fitzwilly was last seen:
Feb 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM
    1. thegoose628
      Happy Easter Fitz! Hope you are having a great blessed day!
    2. Scooter!
      Hey Dan! Great Article in the Moose Newsletter!!! You should post it on the forum! It was cool, I was reading, and I saw "Dan 'Fitzwilly' Langwell" and I'm like "I know that guy!!!" It was cool. BTW, you should post some pics of yourself on the forum! We would like to see what you look like since some of us can't come to moosecamp and meet you. Bump A Nose!!!
    3. Jobee
      Heh, been busy with life and controling it. Not doing much clowning but I am building a new character from scratch which will surprise people. :D
    4. SCOOP
      i made a post of my new face using your suggestions when you get time take a look it is in teh clown forum subfolder costume
    5. Perry Noia
      Perry Noia
      hey, I sent you an email to your laughingstockpro address... did you get it?
    6. thegoose628
      Thanks Fitz! I really appreciate all the input you have given me. I look forward to meeting you at camp as well. I"m ready for some time to just goof off!
    7. thegoose628
      Hey Fitz! Thanks for the comment. Do you think I should change something up? Would hate to show up looking like an instructor.
    8. kimbo
      hi dan
      this kim wilson from the spring fling
    9. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      Hey Fitzwilly,
      Just thought I'd put out the word to you incase you know anyone going to the COAI convention who hasn't registered yet. I was paid for and had my flight but my husband was laid off yesterday from his job of 10+ years for budget reasons and I just am unable to go this year now. We are in total shock to say the least but we will be ok, just need time to process it all. COAI can't refund me but suggested I try to sell my admission... so I'm offering a special rate of $125.00 which is much less than online price right now. Please have them contact me via email if they are interested, I'm soooooo sad not to be able to go this year, I was really looking forward to it. On a super happy note, I WILL be at Moosecamp again this year, luckily that is all paid for already - so I'll see you in a few months!! Can we plan some night jams this year? I'm ready to stay up really late!! Hope all is well in your world :) -Brittany (Zoe)
    10. SCOOP
      you might want to look at snowmans 1 post
    11. SCOOP
      when i add 5 or 6 drops of mineral oil to my makeup what did you tell me to use to stir it with
    12. SCOOP
      just wanted to thank you for a greaat weekend and the suggestions on my makeup and helping me pick my nose lol
    13. Harpoetta
      Is my time off again, somehow? It shows you as having posted that message an hour ago.

      It shows me as having posted an hour ago, too.
    14. Scooter!
      come to chat!thers lots of us in here!
    15. Harpoetta
      Hey there, Hon, how you doing? Call me.
    16. SCOOP
      read your email or meet me in the chat room
    17. Harpoetta
      Thanks for the update, Love. Let me know what you end up doing and how it goes. Give me a buzz if/when you want.
    18. Harpoetta
      I finished the post, I'm going to log off and try to email it to you. I may just end up copy and pasting it to the body of the email because by the time I responded to a couple more of Danny's posts, it ended up being 5 pages, and that will take forever to attach on my connection.
    19. Happy Vim
      Happy Vim
      Thanks for the friends request, Fitzwilly. It's been miserable for me here lately, as you can probably guess.
    20. Harpoetta
      LOL I know what you mean, they could be doing something useful, but they're chasing after a ball instead.
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    Sep 10, 1970 (Age: 47)
    Home Page:
    North Central Indiana
    Radio DJ / Semi Pro Entertainer
    YouTube Video:
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    LaughingStock Slide Show
    Balloons, Face Painting, Magic, Science Fiction, Alternate Energy


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