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Feb 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM
Dec 19, 2004
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Sep 10, 1970 (Age: 47)
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North Central Indiana
Radio DJ / Semi Pro Entertainer


COAI Secretary, 47, from North Central Indiana

Fitzwilly was last seen:
Feb 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM
    1. Darcy Mariangelly
      Darcy Mariangelly
      Thank you so much for your offer, but I think that's been taken care of. I haven't heard from that silly man since. My other clown fellows have backed me up, and I highly appreciate it. Thank you though. I always love nice clownmenship.
    2. jj_hil
      Yes, yes, yes!! Add me to your Alley contact list, and consider adding me to your troupe for volunteer and pay gigs... I loved working with the group in entertaining and/or teaching audiences (we did a school show on stranger danger & hygeine & such)... I love getting to know other clowns and learning new things...

      All kinds of happy to meet you - looking forward to meeting the whole group!!
    3. Darcy Mariangelly
      Darcy Mariangelly
      Oh, that's perfectly fine. Atleast you welcomed me anyway. Thank you for your welcome. I appreciate it greatly.
    4. Harpoetta
      What's the matter, you don't have your phone handy? LOL I just got your message (midnight your time), Mom was playing Blooming Gardens, LOLOL.

      I'm gonna look and see if I can find any better prices on Kooza tickets. Keep your fingers crossed.
    5. Harpoetta
      Chat! Chat!! Chat!!!
    6. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      i am on my way to chat i know you are busy but i was just hoping you could pop in for a little and also 22 DAYS UNTIL CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 just the 411 cuz i didn't know if you were counting down:)
    7. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      you should come to chat cuz harpo and everyone is here so yo ushould come
    8. Harpoetta
      CALL ME!!!!! ASAP!!!

      Gard called me, but my phone won't let me call her back for some reason. Can you call her and tell her she can call me back, please? She's not on the forum right now.

      BTW - Clark is the one laying eggs - I guess she's a Claire now. These eggs look like they might have someone home! Betsy is now Bertie.
    9. Alek the clown DK
      Alek the clown DK
      hey i heard that you have experience with pies in the head will tell me about because i think i will be a clown who take pies in the head at Fun fairs and carnivals
    10. Harpoetta
      Having fun with your new computer?
    11. Zippy Zoo
      Zippy Zoo
      Ok. So I looked at the makeup right before the last event and it turns out it IS water-based. I guess the person who sold it to me thought clown makeup should wash off with soap and water! So thanks for mentioning it. I probably wouldn't have even checked(until it rained, lol!) I'll just have to be more careful next time. Still looking for that UV makeup!
    12. Rollie pollie
      Rollie pollie
      hey dan you not talking to me on facebook
    13. SCOOP
      we have a troll in the introductions section
    14. Bookworm
      Fitz, I lost FB. come to chat.
    15. Bookworm
      Fitz, I have exciting news. come to chat.
    16. Zippy Zoo
      Zippy Zoo
      No, LuLu's makeup doesn't glow in the dark. That's a neat idea, though! I do use greasepaint, but I've been having trouble applying it evenly (better with practice, I guess.) I like the idea of glow in the dark LuLu!
    17. SCOOP
      i just sent you an email get to it when you can i am sure i will hear for you next week lol
    18. thegoose628
      Hey fitz! Hope things are well. Would love to chat with ya sometime. I'm in chat if ya not that busy. Hope to speak with ya soon
    19. Scruffy
      did you know that bindlestick teaches circus skills in new jersey? we could have a potential fling lecturer here. Any idea who it is?
    20. Bindlestick
      Hello, and thanks for the welcome.

      I've actually haven't been twisting that long. Maybe 5 years. I just added it for the occasional party or restaurant during off-season. Primarily, I have a variety act; magic, juggling, comedy and a flea circus (live fleas, not the mechanical humbug circuses of the modern era). I am also a circus arts instructor in the summer months.
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    Sep 10, 1970 (Age: 47)
    Home Page:
    North Central Indiana
    Radio DJ / Semi Pro Entertainer
    YouTube Video:
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    LaughingStock Slide Show
    Balloons, Face Painting, Magic, Science Fiction, Alternate Energy


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