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Feb 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM
Dec 19, 2004
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Sep 10, 1970 (Age: 47)
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North Central Indiana
Radio DJ / Semi Pro Entertainer


COAI Secretary, 47, from North Central Indiana

Fitzwilly was last seen:
Feb 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM
    1. V
      Wow, somehow I missed this. My eyes never seem to make it to the PM notification area of the forum and when it does I evidently don't see everything. I blame it on a (newly turned) 2 year old who doesn't sleep and deprives me of ZzZz's as a result. Thanks (belated) for the Christmas greeting - I hope yours was well.
    2. Harpoetta
      Did you see the video that Sir Toony posted of Moose Camp last year?
    3. Sugar
      Hey Fitzwilly!!
      Everything was going very well and busy busy until Christmas hit...now my calendar is empty. grrr Marketing I guess. Other than that everything is going great. I suppose a question I would have right now is around registering my clown/face/name and is it worth it and is it valid...that is my current research. Lol also I am looking for my award winning 1 balloon animal design for the upcoming convention in Winnipeg! Are you going? I have found an awesome lion recipe that so far is my pick.

      = )
    4. millicent
      Hi there, sorry ive been so busy tryin to start up in self employment, its not goin too well and im now preparing to retail both sempertex and qualatex balloons, in smaller packs. I dont think anyone here would be interested as im sure youre all used to large packs at wholesale prices. I didnt want to use ebay but it looks like ive no choice.
      My doc has diagnose arthritis so im only twistin in spurts, and thats only for promo so i aint earned a fing yet :(
      Lets hope my luck changes eh :)
      I will try to come on here more often, i do have lots of pics to upload (just wish i could remember how) im a bit of a technophobe.
      Anyway thats enuff drivel. You take care and chat soon, im on msn and facebook. (msn balloozles@live.co.uk)(facebook, amanda bowes-shorten)
    5. Harpoetta
      Sure I log into Chat and you log out! What's with that? LOL
    6. AuzzyDee
      Hey Lil' John's website is aclownaround.com.
    7. AuzzyDee
      Hey thanks alot. I will check it out. Have you heard of Lil' John the Clown?
    8. Harpoetta
      Hey there! I tried calling you back, but no answer :( Did you and Riley (sp?) have fun this evening?
    9. Fitzwilly
      I am from South Bend, Indiana. That is right at the top of the state, about dead center.

      I was looking at the Clowns of America International website and found this clown from Ottawa: KENNETH BICKLEY OTTAWA K4A 1Z3 KLOWN COUNSEL

      Here is a link to the page that lists Canadian clowns: Canada Clowns

      I know a couple of clowns that are tapped into the clown happenings up your way I will have to get you their contact information so they can let you know what is going on.
    10. AuzzyDee
      I am from Ottawa, Ontario. How about yourself?
    11. AuzzyDee
      Hey, how is it going?
    12. Beep
      Thanks for the "welcome". I am reading many of the threads.....lots to take in!
    13. jj_hil
      Hey! School's...mmm...going.... definitely need to work my fingers & eyes much more, preferably with accuracy...

      gonna miss tonight's balloon fest at the library - working 4-midnight :( but, I had last night off to go to the deaf magician's show (complete with a deaf clown!!), so there's no room for complaint

      would love to join with y'all again, when/where... work schedule pending, of course

      have you encountered a clown named 'Professor-Snip'? he's the deaf clown, and I'm not sure where he hails from...
    14. Bungle
      Thanks for the invitation. Am I your first Canadian? I'm part of the Sunshine Clown Band...see our website at www.thesunshineclownband.com
    15. wiggles
      i am still trying (key word trying) to be involed in public safety clowning. i still have very little expiernce in clowning. i was a able to go to clown fest in seaside heights nj in sept. i learned alot. not had the chance to use anything i learned. i still have butterflies about go out into the clowning world. yes i did join smile clowns. i do recieve e mails from them.
    16. Miss Yoko
      Miss Yoko
      Hiya Fitzwilly , thanks for the friendship! :)
    17. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      Happy Happy Birthday Dan!!! I hope your day is SUPER DUPER SPECIAL!!! :birthday:
    18. Teri-Okie
      This is your birthday song, it doesn't last to long....HEY, Happy Birthday Dan, I hope all your birthday wishes come true :)
    19. Phil Tawa
      Phil Tawa
      Hey Fitz. I am thinking of stocking dove or chick pans. Clowns use them more than magicians. Are there any brands clowns prefer as that would be the main reason for stocking them. I wasn't sure where to put this .
    20. Runny Babbit
      Runny Babbit
      haha- after much deliberation caused by internet pop-up blocks, i have finally reached your profile! Thanks so much for your help! I'm really interested in stilt-walking in Muncie.
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    Sep 10, 1970 (Age: 47)
    Home Page:
    North Central Indiana
    Radio DJ / Semi Pro Entertainer
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    LaughingStock Slide Show
    Balloons, Face Painting, Magic, Science Fiction, Alternate Energy


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