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Feb 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM
Dec 19, 2004
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Sep 10, 1970 (Age: 47)
Home Page:
North Central Indiana
Radio DJ / Semi Pro Entertainer


COAI Secretary, 47, from North Central Indiana

Fitzwilly was last seen:
Feb 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM
    1. maxo
      hello fitzzzz
    2. Emma QT
      Emma QT
      HI Fitzwilly - Emma QT here- met you at RSCS in Vicennes last month.... I am looking for a rubby ducky balloon animal that is EASY ! Know of any???
    3. Jinx the Clown
      Jinx the Clown
      Can't wait for the Midwest Convention. I know you will be there. Safe me a dance.
    4. Bookworm
      Chat or Fb now. Big breakthrough.
    5. Bookworm
      Big news. Meet me in chat.
      Whats up man, whats clowning like in South Bend??
    7. walleye
      Hi Fitzwilly,
      I have not had the pleasure of meeting any members of the forum yet but would like to. So far my clowning experiance has been working with a group of christian clowns who I met and we put on skits for a confirmation class that I teach. I am looking to expand my clowning to possibly prison ministry and would also like the opportunity to be mentored by or work with someone in a nursing home setting.
      Thanks for your invite- Walley
    8. HeySeed
      Why is my picture a ? mark? LOL
      C U Wed.
      "HeySeed" But You Can Call Me "Dolli"
    9. Fiesta
      hello, thank you... I am sporadic, however I try to remember where I left all the clowns sometimes...and Fiesta says gracias' for being my clowneration amigo' !
    10. Zippy Zoo
      Zippy Zoo
      Thanks! Glad to be back!
    11. HeySeed
      TY! Not sure how to navigate yet.
      I had a hard time getting on but got here..
      I am coming to the Spring Fling, will be sending reg. soon.
      Gloria AKA
      "HeySeed" But You Can Call Me "Dolli"
      Thanks again for the welcome.
    12. hoopsie
      Hi Fitz! Thanks for the welcome back! It's good to see you too!
    13. Gumball
      We missed you at Twist and Shout!
    14. Harpoetta
      Hey there, find anything interesting? I liked your ideas for Toony's skit.
    15. twiglet
      Thanks - I appreciate it! I'm natural smartass, which really only comes in handy when people piss me off. =)
    16. Fitzwilly

      Crazy me as always. I will be able to give you a call right around 7p if that is alright with you. I just missed you earlier. My number is 574-904-9643
    17. Mr. Boe
      Mr. Boe
      Are you on line right now? I would love to call your cell you just forgot to give me the number mine is 260-450-2679
    18. Mr. Boe
      Mr. Boe
      That sounds great what would you like me to teach? I am one of those people that over perpares for wht ever i am going to do. Also does the convention room has a set up for power-point.

      Yes there was an Alex in my class. i personal was not close to him nor do I remember his last name. I believe that he is on my Ringling Clown Yahoo group.

      As soon as i get my phone back up and running i will send you my number and we can talk.

      I am planing to write several more articals. If you have any advice please let me know. (it is realy helping me to get back on top of my own clowning)
    19. Mr. Boe
      Mr. Boe
      Frizwilly I am still interested in coming to the convention. I need to make plans and ask for a personal day off. I am not asking for any money to teach (I could use some help or a roommate for the hotel). One of the classes that I have been thinking about is dealing with troubled children. I work now as the Emotional handicap school teacher for my distric. That means that I work with children with ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polor, Scitafective disorder and many more. I have already started putting togather a list of differnt types of children (the braggert, the complainer, the angle, the bully, the list goes on). and tecniques that might help. The other class I would like to teach is building your own propes out of duck-tape i have built clothes, puppets walkarounds , and magic tricks that all look good and have clown feel about them. I teach how to build the frame work to the outer skin. If any of this sounds good let me know. If not let meknow I need to make plans soon.
    20. Harpoetta
      I just looked at the Schedule for Red, have you looked at it yet? You have 3 classes, Dad has 2. You and Dad both have your first class at the same time. Tricia has 5. Neither you, nor Dad has a class at the same time as her. There are several other things that we should all be at. I'm going to try and start figuring out how many tapes we're going to need for the week.
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    Sep 10, 1970 (Age: 47)
    Home Page:
    North Central Indiana
    Radio DJ / Semi Pro Entertainer
    YouTube Video:
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    LaughingStock Slide Show
    Balloons, Face Painting, Magic, Science Fiction, Alternate Energy


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