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Feb 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM
Dec 19, 2004
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Sep 10, 1970 (Age: 47)
Home Page:
North Central Indiana
Radio DJ / Semi Pro Entertainer


COAI Secretary, 47, from North Central Indiana

Fitzwilly was last seen:
Feb 18, 2018 at 4:43 PM
    1. V
      Hey Fitz, long time.. I'm here sporadically and will occasionally click the new posts to see if there is anything of interest. There rarely is unfortunately. I'm honestly surprised Princess keeps paying the bandwidth for this place as it's mostly dead. I think the game threads may still get some action but for the most part, it seems like novices giving advice to novices these days.
    2. KageTomari
      ஐ hi i hope you have a very very wonderful christmas *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    3. Jodie
      Is there any word on postponing The Spring Fling a little while for the year 2014?
    4. brianivory
      Hi Fritzwilly, sorry I don't check my messages very well on this forum. If you shoot me your e-mail, I'll send you photos from our anti-bully shows. In fact, we have one today at 1:30 with a parade afterwards. You can also find the "Mott Campus Clowns" on Facebook. Hope all is wweel
    5. cricky
      Grandpa Weatherbie suggested I come to you with my question, but I don't know if you can give me an answer in time. We will be face-painting at a festival all weekend. The farm sells tickets for $1.25 a piece, which the customers then give to us, and we get paid later. Is one ticket for a simple hand, cheek, or forehead painting reasonable? Don't want to undercharge, but we are fairly new at this.
    6. cricky
      We finally have another gig, albeit non- paying. An annual apple festival in our area, is allowing us to promote our business by passing out balloons. The only catch is they don't want us to give people business cards for fear of paper litter. We can put our info on our balloons, however. Do you or any other clowns have experience with this? Do you get the balloons pre-printed? Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
    7. cricky
      Thank you for helping me get my e-mail and our web site on the Clown Forum. I really appreciate that!
    8. cricky
      Think I lost the first message. It went something like this...H E L P This technologically challenged clown is having trouble getting her e- mail in the right places, and to the right people. Special K'z said I need to put it in my profile, but it looks to me like it's already there. Also trying to see if someone has time to look at my web site. I don't mean to be a pest, if folks are busy, but all this is new and confusing to me. I was hoping for a sample clown contract as well as a quick review of my web site. Please let me know if you, or anyone else can help. Thank you very much! P.S. Found a very simple monkey balloon even I can do. Your video slowed things down enough for me to learn twist-locks and I was able to transfer this to a Mr. Fudge video. Also learned if you make the head and ears small enough on Mr. Fudge's video, it looks like a squirrel. If you can help me, my e-mail is christy-@roadrunner.com My web site is www.doclovinsonshine.com
    9. cricky
      Happy Birthday, Fitzwilly!!! LOL, CRICKY P.S. I'm still working on the monkey balloon too. I like the longer video.
    10. Jodie
      I am still working on the money balloon.
    11. brianivory
      Thanks for being willing to submit this post... I finally figured it out and was able to post it - the .doc sizes allowed are very small and I had to reformat them as .txt files. Hope you had a good time this summer at the clown camp. Brian
    12. cricky
      Don't know if I'm putting my messages to you in the right place.If you have the time could you please go to my site where all my ??? are? Many thanks!!! Cricky
    13. Plywood
      Thanks Dan! I decided to go ahead with the Qualatex program. I want to add balloon decorating to my offerings, so I figured I'd just go ahead with the program. Hopefully it will help keep me on track (especially since I want to get my money's worth). I'll try to get in touch with you tomorrow probably.
    14. RazzDazzDave
      I will thanks
    15. Plywood
      Hey Dan! I just saw in an old thread that you went through the CBA certification with Qualatex. It's something that I'm considering, but wondering if it's worth it. What did you think of the program? How beneficial was it? What did you think of the cost? Thanks!
    16. Sunny
      It was great meeting you last night at the COAI balloon jam! I am sure we will meet up again one day. God Bless you brother.
    17. Pinky the Clown
      Pinky the Clown
      Thanks for putting together a very fun and awesome Spring Fling. We all had the chance to learn from each other. I had a blast!
    18. KageTomari
      ஐ Merry Christmas *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    19. KageTomari
      ஐ happy birthday *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    20. Hoot-Kid
      Well why not a dino pirate? Or a dino cowboy? Did you ever think of that? The dinos of the world are hurt. HURT! ;)
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    Sep 10, 1970 (Age: 47)
    Home Page:
    North Central Indiana
    Radio DJ / Semi Pro Entertainer
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    LaughingStock Slide Show
    Balloons, Face Painting, Magic, Science Fiction, Alternate Energy


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