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DJ the Clown
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Sep 8, 2010
Feb 3, 2008
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DJ the Clown

New Member

DJ the Clown was last seen:
Sep 8, 2010
    1. Kea
      Hey DJ,
      It's Andrea from Mooseburger. I've been out in California attending a 1 year physical theater and comedy school. The 2 month clown program I did in Spain last year was nothing compared to this school. My clowning and comedy brain is SO much better after this program. Anyway, if you're looking for good education, this is a great place to look. They have a 2 week summer intensive from July 18-29 at the Flying Actor's Studio in San Francisco 9am-12pm M-F. This may be a worthwhile try before you buy. It's under $400 for 2 weeks, and someone at the workshop would surely let you crash on their couch. I can't recommend this school highly enough for the serious physical performer. Email or call me if you have questions. I'll be back in MN in 10 days. Google "Flying Actors Studio" if you're interested in summer class or year program.
    2. Bookworm
      I have a new lite version of bookies face up.
    3. Bookworm
      Dj, how goes it. text me.
    4. Bookworm
      hey. i lost your number. text me.
    5. Dynamo
      Hi DJ. What's happening?
    6. Gimmick
      Will do, I have been in the middle of moving and the like so when I have free time I will ASAP :)
    7. Peaches
      had a blast with u @ the fling. Thanks for the great laughs!
    8. lorelei
      Hey D.J.

      I miss you . Had a great time at moosecamp can't wait for the pictures

    9. AlysonSunny
      DJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss you!
    10. pititi-guate
      Hey dude!!! how are you?? was nice to meet you... thanks for everything
    11. Jasper The Clown
      Jasper The Clown
      Nice seeing you again DJ. We had a blast at camp. Maybe I will see you in the spring at Spring Fling.

    12. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      Hey dude.... thanks for helping to make camp so much super duper fun this year! I can't believe it's over for another year already, boo hoo....
      Please keep in touch at let me know what happens with Ringling, I'll be sending good clown mojo your way! love ya, Zoe
    13. thegoose628
      Hey Dj! We haven't had a chance to talk much on here, but I am going to camp, so I look forward to meetin ya and hanging out! Have a good one!
    14. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      P.S. for some reason I'm stuck on the word goober lately and just know you've been called that with love and admiration, lol :)
    15. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      Hey goober - you're so cute in this picture. We're only about a week away!! Here's to bunches of fun this year! See you soon!
    16. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      when are you gonna get here for camp??? I need to know!!!!! i miss you people and can't wait at like all
    17. lorelei
      hey /DJ how are you doing.????
    18. Harpoetta
      Hey there, DJ! How's life back in the real world? LOL
    19. kimbo
      so wut is up?
    20. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      Hey DJ.... I'm soooooo super proud of you! :applause: I don't doubt for a single second that you will be in Ringling next year... you are an amazing talent and I just know you will be able to land among the stars and achieve your dreams...go get em' clown! I'm excited to see you at camp too, I know it's going to be another totally fun time! Yeah!!! Just a few months away now!! Happy weekend and we'll see you soon! hugs, Zoe (P.S. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new hair!!)
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