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Daisy Doo
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May 25, 2013
Mar 9, 2009
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Ontario Canada
PSW- Personal Support Worker and Professional Clow

Daisy Doo

New Member, from Ontario Canada

Daisy Doo was last seen:
May 25, 2013
    1. Daisy Doo
      Daisy Doo
      Thinking of Clowning again :) Not sure what to do . Need new show ! New Idea's ! Both our children are getting married, one in a week the other in April :) More time to do things ... we will see what the future brings .. have not clowned since my car accident in 2009 !
    2. Daisy Doo
      Daisy Doo
      Clowning is in my heart. I am still not able to clown after my car accident 18 months ago. I wish all the best for your clowning around business.
    3. Daisy Doo
      Daisy Doo
      I hope everyone is well . Merry Christmas again to you for 2010.
      I a still not clowning but my heart is in it.
      Best wishes to all to have a wonderful season !!
    4. Daisy Doo
      Daisy Doo
      I hope all had a Merry Christmas.
      I had a major fall on Christmas Day and spent 5 days
      in the hospital. My sister in law took away the chair I was
      sitting in, I thought the chair was there. I crashed to the floor
      and right away my neck and middle back started to burn. Within 2 minutes
      I could not move my neck. When I got to the hospital I could not move my
      legs. The doctor mentioned that the burning was the muscles tarring away from
      my spine. I had no broken bones, no swelling, and no fractures.
      I am so Grateful to the Lord for keeping me safe. It has turned out for the better
      because my neck feels better and I was told by the doctor that I would walk within
      3 weeks and it was 2 days. I hope all is well with everyone, and have a wonderful Happy New Year to All !!
    5. Crazy Carney
      Crazy Carney
      Merry christmas daisy!!!
    6. The Princess of Bozonia
      The Princess of Bozonia
      Daisy Doo, I hope you're getting better and stronger. Hang in there!
    7. Daisy Doo
      Daisy Doo
      I have missed being on Clown Forum !!
      On October 24th this year I was going to a birthday
      party for a one year old boy. I was rounding the last
      corner to go up the hill to the party and a young girl
      rear ended me, completely totally my car. I was hit full speed I have been injured to the point where I cannot lift anything and I cannot clown.
      The young girl was text messaging. The fireman laughed at me dressed in full clown mode. He said I have seen it all now... I said that I am the cherry on top of the whip cream.
      I will not be clowning for a long time and I miss it already.
      My heart is in it and I hope someday to be able to get enough strength to lift and make balloons and just get on with life. I wish everyone the best this year for a great Christmas Season.
    8. Daisy Doo
      Daisy Doo
      I just posted number 100 in my postings...I am a Happy Clown !
    9. Crazy Carney
      Crazy Carney
      It was your b-day?? when?sorry i missed it....Happy belated birthday!!!
    10. CHOPPER
      Happy birthday daisy.. Hope your day was really special..
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    Ontario Canada
    PSW- Personal Support Worker and Professional Clow
    Clown for 19 years. Wife for 25 years. Mother of Two.

    Lots and Lots....