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Cool Fool
Aug 13, 2009
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    1. StiltFun
      Hey, I'm from Goldsboro too! I even attended Mt. Olive College. And I certainly know where Dudley is. I live in Orlando now, but I usually make it back to Goldsboro once or twice a year to visit family that's still there. I also got to stop by Wilbur's BBQ every time I'm in town for some REAL NC style BBQ! Do either of you have a favorite college basketball team? GO DUKE! Would love to have lunch with either/both of you the next time I'm back home.
    2. JimBo
      Hey Cool Fool, I saw where you mentioned Goldsboro,N.C. in one of your recent posts. Do you live in Wayne County ? I used to "live" in DUDley. I still come that way every so often to see some friends. Maybe we can do lunch or just meet to compare notes on clowning.
    3. Toby KID
      Toby KID
      your teaching technique to "grip" a ball when juggling; I've never seen or heard it used before. What method do you teach? What is your success rate / demographics? Perhaps is just schematics as I often see and hear juggling teachers use "nest" the ball.
    4. Cool Fool
      Cool Fool
      Thanks. It is just a blown up and colored and turned sideways clown emoticon.
    5. tim
      Your avatar is awesome!
    6. Cool Fool
      Cool Fool
      Thanks. It is a one of a kind I put together.
    7. Scruffy
      i love the hat!!
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