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Jun 8, 2015
Feb 26, 2010
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Ship engineer


New Member, from Norway

Charly was last seen:
Jun 8, 2015
    1. twinky winky
      twinky winky
      hi charly , i haven't been on for awhile . i just read your message and just wanted to say thank u ! and be blessed !
    2. Abby-Normal
      Good morning, Charly! Thanks for the friend add.
    3. Pinkie Bee
      Pinkie Bee
      thanks for your nice compliments of me! love your pics! (I have one of those animal furs!) I envy your umbrella!
    4. HeySeed
      Thank You very much.
      Glad U like the Pics.
      It was very fun last yr my 1st time at the SP.
    5. gigglesforgod
      is there any body i can talk to on hrere in clown chat im new here im giggles for god
    6. Pepperoni
      Thanks!!!.. Yes, I do all the makeup except for friend's face... He is a professional clown, so, he knows how to do it hehehe. I'm glad you liked it. The makeup is one of the most important things in my clown philosophy. I hope u keep visiting my profile, I'll update it with a new clown character..
    7. Willy Nilly
      Willy Nilly
      Howdy Charly,
      I live on a farm half way between Dallas and Houston, Texas where I raise chickens, donkeys, sheep, ducks, dogs and cats. I clown in rodeos and at fairs, parades, churches, reunions, schools, libraries, nursing homes, and schools. The best way to learn is to read and volunteer. Confidence comes with experience. I like your look.
      Very inspiring and happy.
      Your friend Tommy Lynch (Willy Nilly)
    8. Rosie Posie
      Rosie Posie
      Thank you Charly, & welcome to clown forum their is a lot of good information & ideas here.
    9. Doodlebug the clown
      Doodlebug the clown
      Thank you..I was call Doodlebug when i was an kid.by my big sister,so I whent with it.
    10. Doodlebug the clown
      Doodlebug the clown
      I am so looking forward to moosebuger camp...Has anyone gone to any other camps..
    11. Doodlebug the clown
      Doodlebug the clown
      Thank you...Seeing I am Doodlebug I needed those..
    12. Whispers
      Thanks Charly. I trimmed the hair so it's abit shorter(and cooler).
    13. XtremeTrixie
      not of my new costume, but i will have some up soon=)
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    Ship engineer
    I am living in Northern Norway near by the Arctic Circle. In Scaninavia it is no clown conventions