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Chance Marmalade
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Feb 19, 2015
Feb 26, 2007
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Seattle WA

Chance Marmalade

New Member, from Seattle WA

Chance Marmalade was last seen:
Feb 19, 2015
    1. Chuckles_Douchet
      Huzzah! to the Bowler Hat Ballet!
    2. Just Sage
      Just Sage
      Dropping off a banana peel for you to slip on...I do this cause you KNOW I Love yous!!
    3. Arlek the Vagabond
      Arlek the Vagabond
      I notice that one of your interests is the uke, do you ever incorporate it into your performances? I play it as well and often have dificulty deciding how to use it in a show
    4. Charlotte
      I just watched your video; it's great! I appreciate your aesthetic and your clown style a lot. =]
    5. Snookie
      Oh man!!!! I have a gig on the 19th way up in Mt Vernon! Dang it......I will have to come see you in October......I am really looking forward to it because I want to watch and learn more comic movement and I really love your videos! Thanks for the info!
    6. Chance Marmalade
      Chance Marmalade
      I do. You can see Troupe Comique live at Circus of Dreams 2009 at ACT in Seattle. 1:00p and 4:00p Saturday Sept 19th. The website is Welcome | Circus of Dreams

      We're also doing shows Oct 17th, 23rd and 24th at TPS which is in the big theatre upstairs of the Seattle Center House. Check out Upcoming Performances on www.troupecomique.com for more info. I would love to meet some local clowns!
    7. Snookie
      Hey Chance, do you perform locally? I live in Tacoma and I would love to see you live!
    8. Bindlestick

      I watched your tight-rope skit earlier. Fantastic job. You performed it as well as anyone I've ever seen. The nostalgic theme and look works well with your act. Everything seems put together very nicely in all of your videos/performances. Bravo.
    9. Smudge
      Hello! I'm overwhelmed with joy to receive your message! Woot! x
    10. kimbo
      wut is up?
    11. Jooniper
      I'm totally glad you knew what I meant by that comment.
      I love Benny&Joon too... hence my name, JOONiper xD (Well, her full name was Jooniper Pearl, so i guess I just liked the first name so much I used it!)
      I love the way that Sam is based around Keaton, and Johnny Depp pulls it off so well!
      So do you, you pull off what you do really well, and it's fabulous :D
      Anyway, I hope this makes more sense than I think it does!
      Leah x
    12. Jooniper
      Hey Chance :)
      Just wondering, have you seen the film Benny&Joon?
      Because you remind me of the character Sam from that film. xD
      Have a good day!
      Jooniper/Leah xx
    13. Christopher Clown
      Christopher Clown
      Chance... Boy its good to see you on the forum! Seems like I haven't seen you on here in ages! I hope you are doing well! - Chris/RD
    14. OkiDoki
      Have you seen this one yet:

      YouTube - Bill Irwin and David Shiner perform a scene from Fool Moon
    15. Chance Marmalade
      Chance Marmalade
      The funflip really does give you a neat appearance. Getting one in blond would be perfect for RD!
    16. Christopher Clown
      Christopher Clown
      Thanks for the comment Chance I've actually been thinking about getting another funflip... maybe in orange or yellow for RD... The Silly Boy wig is good but its also seen a lot of ware and tear... the thing could stand to be trimmed because the length of the wig was never cut in the first place... just the bangs.... so Like some clowns mentioned I do have a lump of matted hair on the inner part of the wig just behind my neck and the wig its self is tremendously poofy... I wonder if it could be layered... I know i don't like a "wigless RD" I've tried that before and really didn't like it.
    17. Chance Marmalade
      Chance Marmalade
      Thanks for the compliments Willace. I appreciate them greatly! Do you mean the Bowler Hat Ballet is your favorite?
    18. Willace-the-Clown
      I like the videos you make my fav is the one with the song & you should try the magic infrount of people hardly anyone will notise you peek at the card
    19. Chance Marmalade
      Chance Marmalade
      Thanks Princess! The new profiles are grandiose!
    20. The Princess of Bozonia
      The Princess of Bozonia
      Nice profile, Chance!
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    Bowler Hat Ballet
    Clowning, Writing, Acting, Ukulele, Juggling
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