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Jun 20, 2015
Jan 31, 2005
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June 20
Home Page:
San Juan Capistrano CA
I'm also the bookkeeper and one of the managers fo

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Pirate at Large, from San Juan Capistrano CA

Butterscotch was last seen:
Jun 20, 2015
    1. KageTomari
      Happy Birthday
    2. Loopy
      Thank you for accepting my friendship request Butterscotch I won't fade out. Your clown pictures are the best.
    3. Butterscotch
      Aww thanks so much! I really don't visit on this site much anymore but you can find me on Face Book. Take care!
    4. Keekipoo
      Spontaneous appreciation from Tennessee! I've gotta say, my heart skipped a few beats when I saw you on here. I'm new to this forum, but not to clowns. Saw cartoony, almost (if not actual) coloring book pictures of you years ago! I believe we might have been Myspace friends, too. Didn't really clown around back then, but I do now! Just had to say hi. (o:
    5. Butterscotch
      Thank you Bliss for the Birthday wish in June, sorry it's a late thank you...
    6. Bliss
      HaPpY BiRtHdAy Butterscotch!!!
    7. Scooter!
      Thanks so much for the comment. If it wasnt for you I wouldnt be close to where I am today.
    8. Bookworm
      COme chat.
    9. CHOPPER
      Happy birthday butterscotch, hope it was very special...
    10. thegoose628
      Thanks so much for the advice! I really do appreciate any and all input I can get from friends. So I would love to hear any more that you might have for me. I will be doing a big gig on Friday so I will be posting full costume pics as well. Have a great day and talk to ya soon!
    11. thegoose628
      Hey and thanks for the comment. I did this on the 20th of this month so like 5 days ago now.
    12. Peanut Butter
      Peanut Butter
      thank you for beeing my first friend so you live in calif and a bigwheel in coai i hope to see you and fritzwhelly at convention but i will be there for 2 days because of money i get some fed aid but i want to be the besstest clown i can be and if someone wants to pay me because i am worth that might come down the road
    13. saphireSue
      check out my albums, I found another pic. of you, the girl in the pic with you is my middle dtr.
    14. Bookworm
      I fell like giving up on clowning.
    15. Scooter!
      Come to chat!
    16. Duckie
      Hi Butter!!!! No, I didn't compete, are you kidding, if I competed, it would be like a kindergartener competing against college students!!!! My talent doesn't run that deep!!!! And YES I am going to the COAI Convention. I am not a member of COAI so I can't compete, but I do want to go to a lot of the classes so when I go to the Midwest Convention in October, I'm hoping to complete my requirements to get into the hall of fame. I am one requirement short of getting in!!!!!! I did really well at this last year's convention, and was shocked at that!!!! Didn't know I was so close to the hall of fame until all the seasoned and very wise clowns there started talking to me and asking if I had made it yet!!!! I said I had no idea and they were amazed that I was so clueless. Then they helped me figure it out and now I have something to shoot for!!!!!
    17. Duckie
      Hey there little Butterscotch!! Thanks for the kind comments!!! Sorry I never caught up to ya at the Twist & Shout?
    18. saphireSue
      Thanks for sharing your Twist & Shout pics. They're so neat, I really like the fairy, neptune and your roses. They're different from the roses I was taught, it's amazing how many flower shapes can be made from balloons.
    19. Bookworm
      sorry I wasn't around earlier. I was busy. I'm in the room right now if you want to chat.
    20. Nevada
      always one step ahead
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    June 20
    Home Page:
    San Juan Capistrano CA
    I'm also the bookkeeper and one of the managers fo
    I design my own clown costumes


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