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Aug 31, 2016
Jun 28, 2008
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Jun 1, 1967 (Age: 50)
Home Page:
Fort Worth, Texas


Active Member, 50, from Fort Worth, Texas

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Aug 31, 2016
    1. Bubba Blaze
      Bubba Blaze
      Well good luck with it. I hope everything works out for you.
    2. Bubba Blaze
      Bubba Blaze
      Hey I run a Fire Clown Troop in Eastern NC. Where are you from?
    3. KageTomari
      ஐ Happy Birthday *.:。✿*゚’゚・
    4. Sneakers Mcsilly
      Sneakers Mcsilly
      Hello Axe, I just sent a friend request from FB.
    5. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      We sure did miss you at camp Axe. Terri-Okie and I are signed up for next year already and are keeping our fingers crossed that you will be able to come too next year. Pickles is thinking about it and Steve Smith from Ringling is going to be the special guest and maybe teach a full week course on Clown movement and improv, they are deciding on that. Know that you were missed and maybe sometime soon we can have lunch or a coffee and catch up. Miss u. Zoe
    6. Axe
      Thanks Chopper!
    7. CHOPPER
      happy birthday axe....hope your day is a grand one...
    8. Gerard the Clown
      Gerard the Clown
      Please check out my new show album
    9. SCOOP
      thanks for what you said about my juggling cigarboxes wonder why i have so many views but only your review
    10. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      Hey! have you been hit in the head by a big stick lately? ha! I hope you are coming to camp!
    11. Axe
    12. Teri-Okie
      Hey Kyle.....how you doing my friend. For whatever reason I forget my clownforum PW and have not been on in the last week. I have been busy clowning around at the Americas Fair in Hamburg, NY 8 out of their 12 days. Working in am and clowning there in pm, so I have been very busy. I see you have been posting alot these days. Miss you and all of my clown buddies and can't wait till next year. Hope all is well and talk to you soon. What is the link to the sketch site you told me about at the airport. Talk to you soon.

      Your mooseburger wife Teri-Okie :)
    13. skwee-gee
      HEy Kyle! Thanks for your "private message"........I tried to reply but a window came up that I had to have 2 messages min and 7 days registered in the forum to reply,
      and I only have been registered 2 days...... Glad to hear from you! I'm painting a lot
      lately, Fall in Taos is the time where there are alot of shows and lots of people in town buying art, so I am making hay while the sun is shining! I showed up at a friends birthday party in costume, and was a hit until her daughter arrived, with her
      new 6 day old baby, and I was upstaged! I havent made time to look over my clown
      notebook from camp, so I forgot about isketch! Let me know about it!
    14. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      Hey back.... are you getting this? Am I doing it in the right place? It wont let me PM anyone in reply to their messages, it says it takes 7 days to be able to do it, hmmmm, why? Ok, I'm just gonna email you instead because I'm not sure you are even getting this. I'll wait the silly 7 days and see if it lets me PM yet.....
    15. A Clown Named Zoe
      A Clown Named Zoe
      Oh my gosh!!! Hey there!!! How'd ya know it was me??? Thanks for asking me to be your friend..... do I feel special or what?? And there is Pinky and Pickles in your little friend box!!! Ok, so I'm totally lost trying to figure this whole thing out. I may need a Clown Forum for dummies book :) So when I write here, does everyone see it? I sure miss you... thanks for making camp extra fun this year! How are you? I wish it was time for camp again - I can't believe it came and went already. So how do I say hi to all my Mooseburger friends? Hmmmm, is this gonna be complicated like the drawing pen for my mac??? Talk to you soon! -Brittany
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    Jun 1, 1967 (Age: 50)
    Home Page:
    Fort Worth, Texas
    Clowning, Magic, Music


    Visit my website at:


    Axe da Clown / Mulligan
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