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A Clown Named Zoe
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Aug 27, 2011
Aug 14, 2008
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December 14
Graphic Designer - Red Nose Design

A Clown Named Zoe

New Member, from Dallas

A Clown Named Zoe was last seen:
Aug 27, 2011
    1. clown4jesus
      Zoe I love your outfit. I am new to clowning and was wondering if you have any advice. Did you make your costume? Love your makeup to.
    2. Quanytheclown
      every website i goto that has clowns i see you keep up the good work
    3. Hoot-Kid
      Haha, yeah I saw them. We look great!!! Darn it, they make me miss Moosecamp even more! I can't stand waiting! (I guess that's why I'm sitting down. :D )
    4. Hoot-Kid
      Yellow! Can't wait to see you next year! :D
    5. Daisy_die_csardasfurstin
      Really cool look. Can we be friends?
    6. Glupi
      Hi! You're a clown with STYLE! Love the pictures from MooseCamp!
    7. clownNYC
      I teach a slapstick comedy class in NYC for clowns and comedians. Now I am putting the finishing touches on a How-To DVD which will teach slapstick techniques like falls, slaps, trips and other silly stuff. Before I finish I want to be sure I covered all the bases.
      If you submit your top questions or concerns about slapstick at learnslapstick - Home I will send you a copy of the DVD for free once it is done.
      I want to cover what clowns want to know, so your questions are valuable to me. If you have the time I would appreciate it and will happily send you the DVD when it’s done.
      Thanks! And I hope to read your questions soon!
    8. Hobo Pete
      Hobo Pete
      great neat look. I love the outfit. Hope we can be friends.Hobo Pete
    9. Jots A. Clown
      Jots A. Clown
      I have a little clown named Zoe as well just thought you have a great get up and hope you are doing well. My name is Jots A Clown new to the neighborhood. hope to speak with you soon

      Thanks Jots A. Clown
    10. Edlily
      Cant wait 4 camp!!!!!
    11. Edlily
      still got the shades u and teri-okie gave me and dj! where them a lot! :o)
    12. Love
      Hi Zoe cute outfit
    13. Teri-Okie
      This is your birthday song it doesn't last to long.....Heyyyyyy.
      Happy Birthday to the best Roomie in the whole wide world. Tons of clown hugs and kisses coming your way and here's hoping you have the best birthday ever.
    14. Fiesta
      Asolutely love the look... the Great American Clown is mighty to behold.
    15. Pickles
      Hey, Zoe!! Sounds like your life is KWAYZIE right now! Hang in there! I had a blast with you at camp, too. We need to plan Houston in the spring. WooHoo!!
    16. Sunday Silly Pants
      Sunday Silly Pants
      Sup zoe? i love your makeup!! looks great tell me why u put squares under the eyes?
    17. DJ the Clown
      DJ the Clown
      I am so glad that you had fun at Moosecamp and I am also very proud to have been part of your fun!!! I am working on the for filling the Ringling dream as we type.... Well as I type. I am thankful of any support I can get :) Thanks so much for everything and to you soon. LOve,
    18. Sunday Silly Pants
    19. Edlily
      Hey sister
      Just wanted 2 say hi
    20. Cherry Mooseburger
      Cherry Mooseburger
      oh it is on britt... it is on like donkey kong! haha
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    December 14
    Graphic Designer - Red Nose Design
    My name is Brittany and I've been clowning since July 07... I mainly work with children in need.

    Graphic Design- Owner Red Nose Design - graphic design for our clown family. www.rednosedesign.net