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New Profile Posts

  1. V
    V Fitzwilly
    Hey Fitz, long time.. I'm here sporadically and will occasionally click the new posts to see if there is anything of interest. There rarely is unfortunately. I'm honestly surprised Princess keeps paying the bandwidth for this place as it's mostly dead. I think the game threads may still get some action but for the most part, it seems like novices giving advice to novices these days.
  2. charmandhappy
    I can't figure out how to remove the 877#, but my updated number is 562-237-3327
  3. Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    As recipient of the award for oldest coffee cup in the world for three years in a row, I think I can say--I know how to handle it
  4. Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    Ever since I started wearing that Richie Rich halloween costume I found in the dumpster, I've been telling everyone I'm filthy Rich
  5. Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    My brother got an easy job. He's the official shark catcher at our community goldfish pond.
  6. Fitzwilly
    Fitzwilly V
    Hello V. Starting to spend time on the Forum again and saw that you were still around and offering insights and encouragement. Wanted to say Hello!
    1. V
      Howdy. Only sporadic activity - Ghost town and all. FB groups and the like... We get plenty of spam for free movies here though!
      Jan 28, 2018
  7. fairhill
  8. fairhill
    how do you do, fellow clowns
  9. Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    I had to forfeit the potato sack race almost instantly when my Ruffles bag wouldn't fit
  10. Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    My brother says he got a job doing research for an antiperspirant company. His job is the pits!
  11. Ryan W
    Ryan W
  12. KageTomari
    KageTomari DaffyDoll
    welcome to clown forum
  13. Dan The Man
    Dan The Man
    May All Your Day's Be Magic Day's
  14. pumpkinoverlord
    posting some of my clown art <3
  15. Kingswood
  16. DaffyDoll
    I was clowning then, and I'm clowning now.
  17. DaffyDoll
    Part-time clown, full-time friend
  18. Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    You tell 'em, blimp, you're getting lots of work, so, it's been a good year
  19. Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    You tell 'em, sugar, you have better taste than to assault the tongue
  20. Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    Dr. Clerihew-Doodle
    It was very nice of you to send a thank you card to your favorite tailor shop. It suits you.