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New Profile Posts

  1. Jem The Clown
    Jem The Clown
    Coming back to sculpt balloons!
  2. kookoo
    I'm back!
    1. Punkin
      Welcome back kookoo...........I'm not on here too much, but if I can be of any help with your clowning, let me know...........I'm not a great mentor (ask Loopy), but can help you with any questions you may have.
      Mar 4, 2017
    2. KageTomari
      welcome back
      Mar 5, 2017
  3. KageTomari
    KageTomari Barry
    I like your clown pictures
  4. Boomstick
    WaRnInNg: UnIt 1345 BoOmStIcK hAs ReCeNtLy InHaLeD hIgH aMoUnTs Of GlItTeR. pLeAsE sTaNd ClEaR.
  5. LarryTheClown
    Oh no, our forum's been invaded by Korean spam. Which sounds delicious, by the way.
    1. Sir Toony Van Dukes
      Sir Toony Van Dukes
      Don't encourage them...
      Feb 20, 2017
  6. KageTomari
    KageTomari Clownfanboy123
    do you mean anime form or animal form? if its anime then yes but never drew any of my OCs as normal animals
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    2. Clownfanboy123
      Watching SpongeBob and might play some Borderlands 2.
      Feb 16, 2017
    3. KageTomari
      what kind of game is Borderlands ?
      Feb 17, 2017
    4. Clownfanboy123
      First shooter
      Feb 17, 2017
  7. Clownfanboy123
    Clownfanboy123 KageTomari
    Hey do you draw your anthro OC's (Cuddles for instance) in anime form?
  8. KageTomari
    KageTomari Ru!
    welcome to clown forum
    1. Ru! likes this.
    2. Ru!
      Hi! Thank you :D
      Feb 10, 2017
  9. KageTomari
    KageTomari hoopsie
    how are you?
  10. Clownfanboy123
    Thank you :) do you think Louieeeman would know about this site?
    1. KageTomari
      um I don't think so why?
      Feb 2, 2017
    2. Clownfanboy123
      Just curious
      Feb 2, 2017
  11. Jynx
    i love clowns so much
    1. KageTomari
      me to
      Feb 2, 2017
  12. KageTomari
    KageTomari Clownfanboy123
    thats good what are your new ocs ? do they have names yet?
    1. Clownfanboy123
      Dr Everwrong and Honey
      Feb 1, 2017
    2. KageTomari
      nice names
      Feb 1, 2017
  13. KageTomari
    KageTomari Clownfanboy123
    I'm sorry about whatever happen *hugs* hope you're still going to do art
    1. Clownfanboy123
      *hugs back and pats* don't worry I'll still be doing art including my clown OC's in fact I came up with two new ones. :)
      Jan 31, 2017
  14. Clownfanboy123
    Clownfanboy123 KageTomari
    Hey I'm just here to say that I won't be on DeviantART anymore since of something really personal but I'll still be on Facebook and Instagram as for Clown-Forum and other social media websites it's in the maybe list. But I'll still be able to talk to you whenever I have the chance.
  15. europa
    im hungry
  16. stephster-noodle
  17. Donuts
    Donuts sillydaddyatl
    I help teach our class for our alley it's 8 weeks 2 hours each week I'll try to scan out outline and post tonight I just curious before I posted
  18. Curly Frye
    Curly Frye Oog
    Be yourself, Oog. All clowns are different. That's what keeps us all unique! Have a great week!
  19. satguru
    If you Like my jokes you can tip me
  20. foamy
    Always ready for clowning, cosplay, and slapstick!